How to Find Secretarial Vacancies Near Home

Working as a secretary is an attractive job prospect for many individuals, as it has great career potentials in many sectors. If you are interested in working as a secretary at a workplace near you, here’s what you need to know.

Nature of Job

Secretarial jobs are essential to the operations of various types of offices, such as businesses, professional offices, non-profit organizations, and government sites. Usually, secretaries are assigned with data entry, word processing, paper filing, and minute-taking duties. These individuals are also tasked with answering calls, making schedules and penciling in appointments, as well as management of traditional mails, voice mails, and email management. It’s an organizational, hands-on, and on-site job type.

Average Job Rates

As a secretary, your salary will vary depending on your location. In the US, the rate per hour is $16. In the UK, GBP 9.18, in Canada it’s CA$21.66, in Australia it’s AU$23.98, and in South Africa, it’s R 47.90.


If you are planning to get a secretarial job, some of the requirements you need to have include a high school diploma and great communication skills. Generally, it would be better if you took a course on administrative support. However, various types of organizations may have specific requirements, including secretarial training, excellent typing speed, shorthand skills, and computer literacy. However, many jobs offer training as you get on board.

How to Find Secretarial Job Vacancies Near Home

When looking for a secretary position, you need to make sure that you have a professional resume as potential employers will refer to this to evaluate your experience. The next thing you should do is to create an online profile with job search platforms. Here are some sites you should check out.

This platform is one of the largest recruitment sites in the world. It has 11 million job listings, with 900,000 employers using the website. Through a cursory search, you will see that there are postings for secretarial positions such as Membership Secretary, Appointment Secretary, Legal Secretary, and Press Secretary. To find a job near your home, just enter your preferred location.

Another global job site, Indeed, has 9.8 jobs added to its database per second, with 250 million individuals visiting the platform per month. Upon searching for a secretarial position, you will find listings for a Confidential Secretary, Main Office Secretary, Secretary to the Principal, Front Desk Admin / Secretary, and more. Like Glassdoor, you will find jobs near you by keying in your location.

Just like the first two, Monster is a job search website that allows you to search according to your location. It also matches you up with postings based on experience levels, industries, and skills. The site has positions for Unit Secretary, Executive Secretary, Secretary II, Medical Secretary, and more.

Government Sites & Programs

Should you need assistance in finding a secretarial job, you will be glad to know that various countries have websites and pages dedicated to helping you find and maintain a job.

In the US, you can visit’s Find a Job page. This is full of employment information, including the link to CareerOneStop (the US Department of Labor’s job assistance site), apprenticeships, and self-employment.

For those in the UK, the Department of Work and Pensions provides assistance through Find a Job. This service helps you get in touch with vacancies all over the UK. You can also key in your preferred city, county, or postcode.

If you are in Canada, the Government of Canada’s Job Bank will help you find openings in your preferred location. Aside from its job search function, it also has trend analyses and career planning resources.

Job seekers in Australia can take advantage of the Australian Government’s Jobactive. This website connects individuals to jobs in a wide variety of industries, including harvest work. It also offers opportunities to learn new skills and start a small businesses.

Lastly, those looking for work in South Africa can check out the South African Government’s Finding a Job page. This aids prospective employees with job hunting and navigating the workplace. It also offers information about self-employment and government agencies.


With the help of various government websites in your country, you can definitely land a secretarial position at a place near you. So, make sure to check out these resources to make your job search a smoother and less stressful one.