Marketers: Why MailChimp is Great for Email Automation

Increasing your email list to turn new subscribers into potential customers has never been more important. There are two important things to have when it comes to this – a blog and email marketing software.

For those wondering, email marketing means winning your audience with the help of an email. That means that you are going to send email newsletters that contain information, advice, special offers, and updates.

Building a successful digital business requires email marketing because it is more effective than social media. This is the best way possible to reach out to your potential customer base. Let’s take a look at the ins and outs of MailChimp and why it is ideal for your marketing processes.

Marketers: Why MailChimp is Great for Email Automation

The Best Software For Email Automation

There are many email marketing providers, and choosing the best one is not as easy as before. MailChimp is one of those providers, and so far, it holds the number one spot for multiple reasons. 

MailChimp was founded in 2001 and currently employs over 100 people. Its number of users is growing day by day, and here are some reasons why it is excellent for email automation and why every business should start using it.

MailChimp Is Free

MailChimp is terrific for both new and old businesses. New businesses often decide to go with MailChimp because it offers a free option. 

Every email marketing journey should start with something simple but powerful. MailChimp is just that. It gives you a subscriber list of 2,000 leads and a limit of 12,000 emails per month. 

Again, those emails are free. The setup is not hard at all, and the risk is quite low. If you need an email list beyond 2,000 and 12,000, you can get one.

A longer email list and higher send limit are possible if you decide to purchase one of the paid accounts. A simple upgrade to a paid account will solve those problems. The free account is certainly worth it, though, and it suits more businesses than you think.

The Process Is Extremely Easy

This software offers flexibility to clients and is quite user-friendly. Aside from technical people, non-technical people are also able to use it and understand it. These emails can be made and delivered without a marketing background.

Year by year, MailChimp’s interface is becoming simpler because it has been proven that their services work. The user-friendly introduction is the most important thing for customers.

You only have to choose a template, layout, and text. You can use drag-and-drop features, so the entire process is quite simple and easy.

Countless Features

To make the process even easier, MailChimp offers clients countless features. There are four main features that users love.

Scheduling gives you the chance to formulate your emails beforehand and schedule them on the days and times you prefer. This option keeps panic and worry out of your day.

List segmentation assures you that your emails will reach the planned audience. You can create groups inside your list, as well, and this will allow your readers to choose essential topics. 

Your readers should be choosing essential topics, because this is how you are going to know who wants to read what. Then, you can send targeted emails.

The reporting tool is relevant, and it gives you information about your email clicks. You get precise information on how many times the email was clicked and by who. It also delivers the most popular time of the day and the location of your readers.

Integration is the fourth important feature. MailChimp can be linked with many other services and applications, and it collaborates well with WordPress and CRMs.

Excellent Customer Service

MailChimp’s customer service is like no other customer service in the world. The staff that works for MailChimp is terrific, and they are quite helpful.

MailChimp’s customer service can give you the advice you seek at any time, and they are quite fast and friendly, as well. Other free accounts do not offer this option.

Great customer service is another key factor that makes this software excellent, but unfortunately, their support lasts only 30 days. Due to customer growth, their help is limited, but their helpful articles and tutorials are not.

Marketers: Why MailChimp is Great for Email Automation


There you have it. These are the most crucial reasons why MailChimp is great for email automation. Try it for yourself!

There are many satisfied customers, and the time for you to be one has come. Set up a new account and start having an unforgettable journey that will produce more revenue.