How to Find Elementary School Teacher Job Vacancies Near Home

Individuals with a passion for sharing knowledge and shaping kids’ minds are perfect for elementary school teacher job vacancies. If you are interested in working as an elementary school teacher, here’s what you should know.

Nature of Job

Teaching in elementary schools means that you are in charge of enriching young minds in grades 1 to 8. With this job, you are expected to guide, teach, and mentor children in the most effective way. Usually, the duty is to teach a classroom full of kids. You will be in charge of a subject you specialize in. However, in some places, you might be teaching a variety of subjects. Because this is a teaching job, it is highly hands-on.

Average Job Rates

In the United States, the average annual salary of elementary school teachers is USD 45,055, while the salary is GBP 25,676 in the United Kingdom, CAD 55,250 in Canada, AUD 64,798 in Australia, and R 179,703 in South Africa.


In most countries, elementary teachers are required to have a bachelor’s degree at a minimum. Keep in mind that one qualification for working as an elementary teacher is a teaching license or certification. The requirements for getting a license or certificate varies depending on your location.

Aside from a bachelor’s degree and a license or a certificate, this job may also require a master’s degree in Elementary Education, training, internships, or education programs.

If you are interested in becoming an elementary school teacher, you must have patience with young children. Great communication skills are also needed to encourage students to communicate, participate, and learn.

How to Find Elementary School Teacher Job Vacancies Near Home

When looking for elementary school teacher job vacancies, the best thing to do is to have a professional resume ready. This is required for your applications, whether they’re walk-in or online. To maximize your resources, make sure to create a professional online profile on various job search and networking sites.

Here are some websites you should check out.

Glassdoor is a job search site with 67 million unique visitors every month. When you use the platform’s search engine, you will have to key in the job vacancy you are looking for, as well as the location you prefer. Some of the openings listed on the site include Elementary Extended Program Teacher, Elementary Teacher, Visual Arts Teacher-Elementary, and more.

The site claims to be the #1 job search platform across the globe with about 120 million resumes submitted to the website. There are a lot of elementary school teacher vacancies listed on the website, such as Elementary Teacher, Elementary Intervention Teacher, K-6 Elementary Teacher, and more. Just like on Glassdoor, you only need to input your preferred job position and location.

This site also offers a variety of elementary school teacher positions near you, which you can find just by specifying a location. In this platform, you will find openings for Elementary School Teacher, Math Elementary School Teacher, Science Elementary School Teacher, and more positions.

Government Sites & Programs

For those in need of assistance from their respective governments, you will be glad to know that various countries offer resources for finding employment.

The US has the Find a Job page on the official website of the US government. This page and the Career One Stop page offer a variety of resources for your career needs, from finding a job to avoiding scams. It is also available for Spanish speakers.

The UK’s Department for Work and Pensions also has a similar service. The Find a Job service allows you to search for positions you prefer. It also has the My Way In feature, which provides inspiration and motivation for career-building.

The Government of Canada’s Job Bank works just like the first two. It helps Canadian job seekers find jobs near them, while also offering resources for exploring the market, choosing a career, and finding the perfect match.

For Australian job finders, Jobactive is the Australian Government’s service for you. The site lets you find and keep jobs. Moreover, it connects seekers to government programs such as wage subsidies, training, and apprenticeships.

Lastly, South Africans in need of aid in looking for employment opportunities can use the South African Government’s Finding a job page. This can help you in creating a professional resume or CV, while also giving important info about workplace laws.


With such valuable opportunities available online, you can increase your chances of getting an elementary school teacher position. So, follow these tips, and you’ll be on your way to creating a career as an elementary teacher!