5 Skills Every Customer Service Rep Must Have

Customer service skills should really be a rite of passage for everyone, regardless of what you do. This is because they define the basic rules of decorum, that is, how you should behave and treat others at all times.

Retail positions will require you to mingle with lots of customers at all times, and this is a true learning experience on how people are, their temperaments, and how to treat them. Everyone is different, and being able to capture their attention is a talent you must cultivate.

Some people are born with this talent or gift. The ability to deal with people, and of course, it’s not everyone. This is why you can visit a restaurant and leave happy, and yet, visit the same restaurant a different time and leave unhappy. This is the difference between good customer service and bad customer service.

5 Skills Every Customer Service Rep Must Have
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Top Customer Service Skills 

So, to deal well with people, here are a few skills you need to have.

Communication Skills

Everyone needs to be able to speak well with people. Knowing when to talk and how to take is extremely necessary. Communication skills can help you in very dire situations, and this is the reason why almost all job adverts will include “Excellent communication skills.” 

As part of their requirement for the ideal candidate, communication skills are vital when dealing with customers. The only way you can understand an issue and articulate it well is to know how to communicate with customers. 

For service reps, this is a must-have, so you can explain to the potential customers their problems and the products you are selling.

Product knowledge

This is vital and a must. You need to have the product knowledge to sell the products the company has employed you to sell. It requires regular training and product updates to understand the products and the product changes, if any, truly.

To help people, the reps must be able to accurately provide the required information about the products so the customers can decide to buy them. 

Problem-Solving Skills

This is actually what customer service is all about – problem-solving. Customers will always come to you with their problems, and you must be in a position to solve them. 

There is usually no time for brainstorming on what to do; you need to be a hands-on person who can develop solutions.

Great customer service is all about getting to the heart of the problems as soon as possible or escalating the required authorities’ problems when there is a need.


As a customer service rep, you will often find yourself at the front line against some unhappy customers, and depending on the situation, most people tend to get worked up when insulted by a customer.

This is where patience comes in. They say that “The customer is always right.” Of course, sometimes they are wrong, but you must treat them as though they are right, and you are the one in the wrong. 

When you do this, you will be in a position to listen to them and apologize even when there is nothing to apologize for. Well, no one is perfect, and you must learn to accommodate all sorts of people in your job.

Most people are actually pretty frustrating, but you need to learn how to deal with them and talk to them with plenty of patience.

Be Attentive

If you have ever been to a place where you are ignored, you know that it doesn’t feel good. The biggest culprits when it comes to ignoring customers are in the foodservice. A waiter may decide to make your day horrible.

If you are in customer service, you must try and always be attentive to your customers. This helps to keep you centered on the customer most of the time. 

If you actually happen to know the customer’s names, make sure you use their names, so they feel more special.

5 Skills Every Customer Service Rep Must Have
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Regardless of your job title, customer service is a key element in your success. You will need to learn how to use the above 5 points when dealing with people so they can keep coming back again and again. 

In fact, you can make more sales with good customer service than with good prices. Try it, and you will see the results.