Rutgers Jobs: How to Work at Rutgers University

Rutgers University, also known as the State University of New Jersey, is considered one of the oldest universities in New Jersey. It is also on the list of the leading academic institutions in the USA. For those seeking employment in higher education, applying at Rutgers University is a good option.

When you work at Rutgers University, get an advantage of their competitive salaries, benefits, and privilege to be part of this exciting campus community. Rutgers jobs are flexible because they offer flexible work arrangements. 

Students can also apply because they offer part-time hours, temporary employment, and some remote jobs. Get to know more about getting a job at Rutgers University and what kind of jobs are offered.

Rutgers Jobs: How to Work at Rutgers University
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The Kind Of Jobs Offered At Rutgers University

Academic Support Position

There is a staff position available under academic support such as faculties in different departments, foundation positions, and recruitment officers. They are responsible for the development, implementation, and evaluation of the school’s policies. 

The faculty evaluates explicitly academic credentials and organizes special activities, whether curricular or extracurricular activities. 

Administrative Position

The administrative officer provides administrative support directly to the unit management. They are the ones responsible for preparing and controlling records and other documentation of all employees and students. 

Most of their daily tasks consist of scheduling appointments, coordinating events and meetings, and sorting administrative data and documents. 

Business/Accounting Position

It consists of the accounting manager, budget director, internal audit manager, treasurer, budget director, accounting clerk, etc. They are the ones responsible for various financial documents. 

Applying accounting principles is necessary; that is why the applicant must have at least basic knowledge about the concepts, theories, and terminologies of accountancy.

Central Administration Position

They are the ones who supervise the general maintenance duties to ensure that the cleaning standards are met daily. They hire, train, manage and conduct safety meetings involving all equipment used. 

Employees under the central administration department work with building coordinators and vendors, especially if there are special events for proper equipment setup. 

External Affairs Position

The job description of external affairs employees may include public relations, marketing, media relations, communications. They are responsible for books or journal publications in the school that copy, proofread, and format manuscripts.

They may monitor the budget, procure school supplies, and track and investigate cost savings. 

Information Technology Position

They provide desktop support and other computer-environment tasks. Those who will apply under the Information Technology Department must know simple computer operations, staffing a telephone hotline, conduct hands-on training and instructional classes for all employees, specifically the students and faculty. 

Rutgers University uses advanced technologies for some subjects; that is why IT personnel’s responsibility is to maintain software to avoid system glitches.

Rutgers Jobs: How to Work at Rutgers University
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Why Work At Rutgers University?

Rutgers University has become the employer of choice for higher education employment. These are the reasons why working at Rutgers University is a must-try.

Comprehensive Benefits

Aside from competitive salaries offered to all employees, they offer benefits packages such as health benefit plans and state-administered retirement systems. The health benefit plans include medical, dental, and drug prescriptions for both the employees and their dependents. 

A part of their employee’s comprehensive benefits are the non-state benefits for eligible employees such as free tuition benefit for dependents, paid time off (vacation and sick leave), recreation center privilege, employee discounts for some national vendors, childcare center discounts, tax savings, etc.


Research and surveys show that New Jersey is included on the list of municipalities that are the best places to live in. It is a progressive place that offers a lot of growth opportunities. 

New Jersey is a great place whether you want to focus on academics, sports, and other extracurricular activities.

An Exciting Place To Work

Rutgers University boasts its world-class admission program. It creates a conducive work, play, and study environment. The school has complete amenities from the recreation centers, museums, galleries, sports areas, libraries, etc. 

They also conduct special events that employees and students will enjoy.  


Rutgers University offers limitless opportunities to students and aspiring employees with the list of Rutgers jobs available. Working at Rutgers University is not just an opportunity to earn money, but it is also a privilege to learn new things for career development.