Working Remotely? Get Protection With Watchguard Firewall

WatchGuard Firewall, also known as WatchGuard Technologies, Inc, is a network security vendor that provides products that are designed to protect and secure computer networks from the harm brought by malware and ransomware

The security services that they offer are integrated into a firebox appliance. They make sure that each of their products and services is cost-effective and easy to manage. Even those who are not technologically inclined individuals will quickly learn how this WatchGuard Firewall works

This service offered by this security company is in-demand, especially during these times when online transactions are flourishing. If you work remotely, it is a must to invest in software and hardware tools that can help protect your personal information and your company’s data. 


Working Remotely? Get Protection With Watchguard Firewall
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Security Services

Networks threats come from anywhere; you don’t want to put your company in an uncertain situation. When a malware and ransomware attack, the effects can be detrimental because it can permanently destroy a company’s reputation and credibility. 

Security threats are one of the things that an organization or company needs to take seriously. WatchGuard provides solutions for combating different threats by providing a wide range of network security. 

They offer both basic and advanced security services. 

Basic Security Services

Intrusion Prevention

The Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) is a form of basic network services that can detect and prevent identified threats. Before malware or ransomware can affect your system, it will send an alarm to an administrator to drop the malicious packets. 

When the Watchguard Firewall is used, it can provide real-time protection that includes spyware, cross-site scripting, and other types of malware and ransomware. 

URL Filtering

Watchguard Firewall can block malicious sites and filter inappropriate content to conserve network bandwidth and ensure an increase in employee productivity, especially that you are working remotely

Gateway AntiVirus

The Watchguard Firewall serves as a universal antivirus that blocks known viruses, trojans, spyware, rogueware, and other blended threats. The Gateway Antivirus that this network security offer is made explicitly for corporations or enterprises is the first defence line. 

Network Discovery

It is a process wherein it allows computers and devices to be on the same network. It is easier to block and shy away from threats when authorized devices are connected. 

Spam Prevention

The Watchguard Firewall offers real-time and highly reliable protection from phishing attempts like spam. The offered spamBlocker that this security system offers is fast and effective. 

It has the capacity to read up to 4 billion messages a day regardless of the format, language, and content to provide protection.

Working Remotely? Get Protection With Watchguard Firewall
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Advanced Security Services

This advanced security services offered by Watchguard Firewall is a complete security suite that has enhanced malware protection. Availing the advanced security suite is costly compared to basic security services.

APT Blocker

This security function utilizes an award-winning next-generation sandbox that can detect and stop the attack of different malware and ransomware. It aims to provide zero-threat. 

Before the threat reaches your system, the APT Blocker has already dissolved it. 

Threat Detection and Response

When a threat attacks, the system filters it to know which ones need immediate action. It prioritizes threats that can pose great harm. 

Data Loss Prevention

It performs regular scanning of text and files on your computer. It is a set of tools to ensure that no matter how sensitive the data that you have on your computer, it will not be lost. 

It can detect and identify areas of weakness to ensure that nothing in your network is vulnerable to threats.


This security service is a signature-less anti-malware solution that depends on artificial intelligence to make malware discovery efficient, even new and unknown threats can be detected.


The use of WatchGuard firewalls received positive remarks from those who already have tested its capabilities of giving protection. All of the products and services offered by this security service are affordable and easy to configure and install.