How to Find Administrative Trainee Vacancies Near Home

Looking for an opportunity to be an administrative trainee should not be much trouble since the following article explains in detail the steps and sites to consider. An administrative trainee basically comes onto an office staff and is trained to perform routine administrative duties, such as communications, organization, and more. Once trained, you have established yourself as a valuable asset to the company.

Administrative trainees need to be good communicators, accurate, and have excellent interpersonal skills. They must have the ability to work under pressure. The following resources and tips will aid you in your search for administrative trainee vacancies.

How to Find Administrative Trainee Vacancies Near Home

Nature of Job

An administrative trainee mostly works on the computer producing neat and accurate documents. They are entrusted with typing and processing letters and reports for the company. They may also handle mail, phone calls, and other communications that come with an office position. The duties vary with the employer and the level of responsibility.

Administrative training jobs involve work during standard office hours from Monday to Friday. Some companies might offer temporary contracts, which can later become permanent jobs. These jobs are for detail-oriented individuals.

Average Job Rates

In the United States, an administrative trainee will, on average, receive a salary of around $44,950 yearly.

In the United Kingdom, the average salary for an administrative trainee is around £21,000 yearly.

Canadian companies generally pay administrative trainees about C$35,000-45,000 yearly.

The average salary for an administrative trainee in Australia is around AU$36,860 – AU$60,315 yearly.

In South Africa, the yearly salary is about R 117 362 for an administrative trainee.


The basic requirements for an administrative trainee position include a high school diploma or GED. You likely won’t need post-secondary education, but some firms require this level of professionalism. Additional necessary office skills or 1 year of similar experience are advantageous qualities for most entry-level administrative assistant trainees.

How to Find Administrative Trainee Vacancies Near Home

Seek advice and information on this career from people in the field. Talk to a working administrative trainee or person with superior skills, and get a clear picture of the expectations.

You should also have resume copies and drop them by at various nearby companies who are hiring or advertising open positions.

Visit trade shows and exhibitions. You will find many companies looking for an administrative trainee that may not have not posted the positions publicly.

If all else fails, go through online websites looking for job opportunities. Various websites are offering numerous job opportunities including the ones below. All sites should let you search with a filter based on your desired work location.

  • – Indeed entails job listings from multiple companies. They have compiled lists from other sources such as newspapers and company’s career pages. It is popular since they provide email alerts if you save your search preferences.
  • – It has incorporated more than 5000 companies in more than 180 countries, thus creating a connection and a broad market to receive job notifications from. The administrative trainee has a wide range of fields from which to seek employment.
  • – SimplyHired aggregates job lists. It also involves staffing, essential information about the company, and filters to meet your needs and expectations.

Government Sites & Programs

Do you want to work with the government as an administrative trainee? Search for the following websites to work within the government corporations near your home. These sites are curated by the government, guaranteeing that the opportunities they list are legit.

In the United States, you can take heed of the website, where official positions in various companies are listed.

For UK residents or those looking for opportunities in the United Kingdom, visit for those opportunities. There are specific search features to help you find the type of job you’re looking for.

Canadians or Canada-based job seekers can utilize the job search resources provided at

Australians will be happy to make use of the government-provided resources found at

For South Africa administrative trainee job searches, visit


In modern society, getting employment as an administrative trainee shouldn’t be stressful since, with the above guidelines and tips, you will be able to secure a job near your home. There are thousands of opportunities to serve as an administrative trainee.

Administrative trainee jobs are worth the wait, as they are well paying and provide sustainable employment.