How to Find Waiter and Waitress Job Vacancies Near Home

No restaurant or bar can function well without its workers who provide service and assistance to its customers. Also known as waiting staff or servers, they are crucial for providing excellent service to customers.

When dedicated, you can make significant pay with a waiting job. Read on to find out how to find competitive restaurant waiting jobs near you.

Nature of Job

The main task of waiters is to take orders from their customers and deliver them with food and beverages upon request. Aside from food-running, restaurant operators also expect them to make menu suggestions, answer questions, and share additional information with patrons.

Some managers expect them to clean and polish dishes and dinnerware, assisting in clearing tables, as well as restocking working stations and refilling containers with required supplies.

Their job requires focus, attentiveness, and dedication to provide excellent service to their customers. They must also have a calm, pleasing, and friendly disposition that is always ready to attend and accommodate.

Being a waiter is a hands-on, physically challenging job. You will be on your feet all day or night tending to the needs of others, so patience and mobility are musts. This job is for people who are willing to follow the rules and guidelines devised and implemented by their manager.

Average Job Rates

Most waiters are paid per hour, with accompanying tips. In the United States, wages are quite low, as good waiters are expected to make the majority of their pay via tips from satisfied customers. Here are the average pay rates in five countries, according to Payscale:

  • United States – US$2.23 to US$11.79 per hour, with a median of US$6.04 (high end accounts for an average when tips are added in)
  • United Kingdom – £4.19 to £8.01 per hour, with an average of £6.49
  • Canada – CA$8.83 to CA$14.01, with a median of CA$10.57
  • Australia – AU$11.11 to AU$22.42, with a median of AU$16.67
  • South Africa – R9.60 to R21.18, with an average of R15.57


Most companies hire entry-level waiters and waitresses. Even though restaurants do not require formal education or previous work experience, they prefer experienced ones, especially for high-end venues. Major restaurants also hire only those who pass the short-term on-the-job training.

Most countries require workers who serve alcoholic drinks to be at least the age of majority in the jurisdiction where they are hired (around 18 years of age in most states and provinces). Those who serve alcohol must also know the state and local laws on the sale of alcoholic beverages.

How to Find Waiter and Waitress Job Vacancies Near Home

The application process usually starts with a well-written resume that highlights your previous work experience or, if you’re just new to the job, your skills and strengths. You may want to hire someone who can write professional resumes to increase your chances of being recognized by employers.

Today, most recruiters post jobs on the Internet, so you may need to register an account on different websites for employment such as the ones listed below and a professional profile on LinkedIn. You may also want to attend seminars, conferences, and other events in the hospitality sector to network with potential employers. You can also enroll in training programs.

Here are some of the most popular employment websites where you can search for a waiter or waitress job.

Indeed is widely recognized as the leading employment posting site for different kinds of work where you can find openings in virtually all industries locally and internationally. Indeed is ranked first in many reviews. It also boasts of having the highest trafficked job board in the U.S. and other countries. To find a job near your area, just key in “Waiter” in the What box and supply your city in the Where box, then click the Search button.

Like Indeed, you can find server and waiter jobs on Glassdoor. This site allows you to find great employers because of its employer rating system. Glassdoor also has high traffic in the U.S. and other English-speaking nations and usually follows Indeed in popularity. To find a job near your area, just key in “Waiter” or “Server” in the job title box and the city you want to work in on the Location box, then click the Search button.

Monster is a global employment website where you can find jobs from any industry. This website has been a go-to site for job hunters since the late 90s. However, it has lost its prominence over late-comers like Indeed and Glassdoor.

To find a job on Monster, key in “Waiter” on the Keyword box and the city you want to work in on the Place box, then click the Find Me a Job button.

Government Sites & Programs

You can also seek the help of the national government in finding a Waiter/Waitress job. Here is a list of government-sponsored sites in different countries:

In the US, you can visit and visit the Jobs and Unemployment page to get assistance on many employment matters, such as seeking work and training. It also contains a wealth of resources that you can access for your job hunting.

The UK has its Department for Work and Pension’s job search platform where you can choose an industry and position of your choice in your desired city.

The Government of Canada’s Job Bank has the same program. Its Department of Employment and Social Development has tools and features that can help you find your dream job.

The Australian government’s Jobs Fair provides locals with a platform where they can explore employment opportunities within their community.

The South African Government’s official website contains a Finding a Job page. This web page provides job seekers with advice and support on job hunting and other employment-related matters.


Seeking a job as a waiter/waitress can be challenging at first. But with the help of the employment websites and assistance from your government, you can get hired for your dream job in no time.