How to Find Internship Placements Near Home

Getting an internship requires planning and time, but the outcome is worth the effort. It’s ideal for graduates or individuals undergoing career changes as they have to develop new skills and knowledge and gain perspective on new professional fields, respectively.

An internship can be the conduit between a potentially exciting venture and unsatisfying career. To get the internship near home, you can use job search and relevant internship databases to identify associations that meet your criteria.

How to Find Internship Placements Near Home

Nature of Job

Internships provide a valuable chance for additional career learning as directed by a knowledgeable mentor or teacher. Thus, interns should be supported in a mentoring association. The relationship has more of a co-teaching organization in regards to the collaborative planning and shared teaching load.

Interns can be left unsupervised as they handle their responsibilities. Mentor teachers are expected to assign responsibilities and duties at appropriate levels. An intern is thus responsible for planning, initiating, evaluating, and carrying out the internship as outlined within the organization. You may need to perform clerical, administrative, or communication work for your mentor, among other duties. Students should also operate cooperatively with the coordinator or supervisor in the entire phases of the internship.

Average Job Rates

Around the world, different countries will have different systems set up for internship programs. In different places, standard pay may differ, and in some cases, interns will work unpaid in order to get the experience they desire.

In the USA, the salary estimation from 6,584 employers for interns is $12.80 per hour. But the amount can go higher or lower depending on the organization.

In the UK, for an intern who’s defined as a worker legally receives a minimal national wage of £7.70 per hour for individuals between 21 and 24 years. For those above 25 years, the rate is £8.21 per hour.

In Canada, the annual average internship salary is CA$19 per hour.

In Australia, an intern can expect to be paid around AU$62,167 in a year, though the time spent as an intern generally doesn’t exceed one year.

In South Africa, average salaries for student interns is R 3 903 per month.


Before the start of the internship, the intern has to complete all educational requirements expected by the employer they hope to intern for. Evidence of academic credentials is needed before the internship commences. Generally, a bachelor’s degree or some amount of undergraduate education will suffice in terms of educational requirements.

Since internships are about gaining your first professional experience, it is essential to write a good cover letter detailing why you deserve the chance to gain this experience.

How to Find Internship Vacancies Near Home

When it comes to securing an internship, you need to plan for success. With proper preparation, you can land a position with the best internships to give you valuable experience. Following the below advice can be of great help.

TALK TO SOMEONE WITHIN THE INDUSTRY: It’s ideal to talk to someone in the sector you wish to work in, since they understand the industry trends. They also have more insight into the best way to focus your energy.

GET YOUR SCHOOL’S AID: Often, schools build relationships with local firms to get internships for their students. Applying for a university-approved internship can assist you in taking some uncertainty and stress from the whole process.

ATTEND A JOB FAIR: It’s simple to get lost in the events and activity flurry that happens on campus. Job fairs have companies searching for interns. You should purpose to attend these events, as they’re great ways of networking.

The following are some of the leading job search sites offering excellent choices when searching for internships. All of these websites should allow you to filter your search by the location in which you wish to work. – This entails job listings from big job boards, associations, newspapers, and company career pages. You can save your searches and get email alerts via RSS feeds. – Idealist incorporates more than 57,000 community and non-profit organizations covering over 180 countries. The site provides numerous opportunities for those seeking to find internships. – This user-friendly site aggregates job listings and involves staffing, websites, job boards, placement firms, and additional background information regarding organizations. There are also some other filters and tools that focus on individual preferences and searches.

Government Sites & Programs

Do you want to apply for government internships? Are you looking for valuable government resources to help you in your internship search? If so, you should utilize the websites listed below.

In the United States, it’s imperative to visit the website This is an official USA government site for college learners who’re interested in securing U.S. government internships. The website has resources for those looking forward to work within the government.

In the UK, you can avail the website Here, you can navigate to the Search bar and search for internship-specific positions.

For those looking to intern in Canada, head to and visit the Jobs and the workplace tab on the main menu.

Australia has valuable internship search resources located at

And for those residing in or looking for internship work in South Africa, refer to the website run by the government at


Landing an internship shouldn’t be stressful. By following the above tips, guidelines, and information, you should have a better chance of securing a paid or unpaid position where you can gain valuable experience to jump-start your career. After graduation, you want to practice your skills to make your career successful.