Ups Package Handler Resume Sample (Must read these pointers!)


The person hired as the UPS Package Handler, works as a delivery boy. They are specifically employed by UPS Delivery Company to deliver the packages safely. They are also responsible for packing the products of the items.

They must ensure that they have delivered the parcel safely to the destination. The UPS package handler is appointed to work for the various couriers and delivery firms.


They are expected to pack the products properly and deliver before the delivery date. They have to assemble and pad the cartons. They need to create the cartons by using a various handy tool.

For the proper sealing of the packet, they must apply the glue and use their nails for cutting tape. The basic duties for this job include using hand tools, sealing products and assembling cartons.

They must also be able to complete various other assigned tasks on time. The hiring companies look for candidates with strong physical fitness and surviving stamina. The person must able to work with team without the supervision of managers.


A basic computer knowledge and fluent communication adds value to the UPS Package Handler Resume. There is no requirement of formal graduation or degree.

Ups Package Handler

Ups Package Handler Resume Sample

Rob Wilson

743 Xyz Abc Road.
Chicago, IL – xxxxx

Email: | Home: xxx-xxx-xxxx | Mobile: xxx-xxx-xxxx

Professional Summary

Dependable and highly motivated individual who has 6 years’ experience as farm hand and grounds maintenance. Excels in manual labor, ability to handle multiple workplace responsibilities with accuracy and responsibility. Able to lift and carry heavy objects for a prolonged period of time.

Skills and Strengths:

  • Experience in wide variety of manual labor.
  • Ability to work efficiently and safely under several job contexts.
  • Able to follow written and oral instruction.
  • Work well in team environment.
  • Exceptional problem solves.

Work Experience

1) UPS Package Handler

New York, NY

April 2016 to Present

  • Enthusiastic and dedicated Package Handler with 1 years’ hands-on experience in lifting and pushing packages and preparing them for delivery.
  • Adept at utilizing hand-to-surface methods of package handling.
  • Proven record of sealing packages in a safe manner and determining appropriate conveyor belt systems.
  • Load packages on conveyor belts and on delivery trucks.
  • Move and store materials and products.
  • Stack materials in accordance to instructions.
  • Pack and seal products and materials.
  • Assist with unloading trucks.
  • Manage cycle counting and inventory control procedures.

2) Youth Volunteer

XYZ Company – Brooklyn, NY

March 2012 to September 2015

  • Organize activities so that children can learn about the world and explore interests.
  • Prepared daily and long term schedules of activities to stimulate and educate the children in our care.
  • Prepare meals and snacks for children.
  • Homework help (Intensive tutoring).
  • Plan activities to keep children active.

3) Janitor Assistant

New York City Housing Authority

June 2014 to October 2014

  • Cleaned areas in housing facilities such as parks and buildings.
  • Gathered and emptied trash bins.
  • Clean bathrooms and stock them with soap, toilet paper, and other supplies as needed.

4) Childcare worker

ABC Company – Brooklyn, NY

June 2014 to September 2014

  • Prepare meals and organize mealtimes and snacks for children.
  • Keep records of children’s progress, routines and interest.
  • Supervise and monitor the safety of the children.

5) Stock Clerk

ABC Company – Queens, NY

June 2013 to August 2014

  • Restock merchandise.
  • Confirm deliveries.
  • Maintenance work such as sweep/mop floors, clean shelves and dust items that were on display.
  • Customer Service representative.

Educational Qualification

School of Legal Studies

Brooklyn, NY

—– References Available upon Request –—


Properly writing roles, responsibilities, and skills in Ups Package Handler’s Resume is very important. It is because the employer or the recruiter will check them to judge your capabilities. Mostly, the points of the job duties performed will come under the section of work experience in the Ups Package Handler’s Resume. Whereas you can mention your skills within the skill section. The other key or highlighting points can be noted separately.

To get the job, making an accurate resume having precise points is necessary. Hence, here are few shorter examples which will give you a better idea about how to write roles, responsibilities, skills and work experience in the resume for the position of Ups Package Handler.

From our resume database, I have gathered few examples. These resumes are selected on basis of different location and experience level. These Ups Package Handler Resume samples of professionals will give you provide with a hint when you are writing your resume. You can change the points according to your location and experience level.

Check these Ups Package Handler resume samples. I hope you will find something interesting and valuable from these examples.

Example 1:

UPS Package Handler

Location: Parsippany, NJ

Experience: 2 Years


  • Handle the package and put it in the truck and make sure the package is not damage.
  • Responsibilities were to manage and load packages that varies from 10- 100 pounds.
  • Scanning up to 1400 packages a day.
  • Studying and knowing nationwide zip codes.


  • Getting the trucks ready for the delivery for the for the driver so he can have package delivered to the customer on time.


  • Community together and work as a team.


Example 2:

UPS Package Handler

Location: Stafford, TX

Experience: 2 Years

  • Loading and unloading trucks.
  • Sorting the mail and packages.
  • Data cap scanning the mail and packages.
  • Entering customer’s information for labels to print out and put on the packages.
  • Scanning and sorting the small packages and scanning the big packages and putting them on the assembly line.


Example 3:

Package Handler, UPS

Location: Houston, TX

Experience: 3 Years

  • I often sort 1000+ packages nightly.
  • I’m electric train certified.
  • I learned how to effectively perform duties in 7 different sections within the first six months.
  • I’ve acquired a multitude of problem solving strategies.
  • Passed qualification test for electric train operator during first attempt.


Example 4:

UPS – Package Handler

Location: Stafford, TX

Experience: 2 Years


  • Sorting, scanning, loading and unloading packages into delivery trucks by a scheduled time.
  • Fast-paced position that involves continual lifting, lowering and sliding packages typically weigh 25-35 lbs. and may weigh up to 70 lbs.


Example 5:

UPS Package Handler

Location: Conroe, TX

Experience: 4 Years


  • Unloaded and loaded packages daily from freight trailer to daily delivery trucks.
  • Used conveyor system, fork lifts, and pallet jacks.
  • Maintained a clean and workable work space, and kept safety first.
  • Moved freight, stock, or other materials to and from storage or production areas, loading docks, delivery vehicles, ships, or containers, by hand or using trucks, tractors, or other equipment.
  • Read work orders or received oral instructions to determine work assignments or material or equipment needs.
  • Recorded numbers of units handled or moved, using daily production sheets or work tickets.
  • Attached identifying tags to packages or marked them with identifying information.
  • Sorted freight before loading and unloading.
  • Maintained equipment storage areas to ensure that inventory is protected.
  • Packed containers and re-packed damaged containers.
  • Adjusted or replaced equipment parts, such as rollers, belts, plugs, or caps, using hand tools.


Example 6:

UPS Package Handler

Location: Landover, MD

Experience: 2 Years

  • Understand and follow instruction regarding work duties and safety methods.
  • Discern numbers and information in order to sort packages correctly.
  • Use basic tools and equipment such as dock carts, hand-held scanners, chutes and unloading devices.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills; ability to work well in a fast-paced team environment.
  • Concentrate, memorize and recall package labels on a daily basis.
  • Load and unload UPS packages on truck daily.


Example 7:

UPS Package Handler

Location: Chantilly, VA

Experience: 4 Years


  • Physically transport packages and get them organized for deliveries
  • Assist team members in transferring packages to holding areas
  • Operate machines and computers to organize packages for deliveries


Example 8:

UPS Package Handler

Location: New York, NY

Experience: 2 Years

  • Provide companionship and personal assistance in the absent of the primary caregivers.
  • Organize and level a variety of small and large activities.
  • Identify and respond to camper’s behavioral issues.
  • Prepare camper’s breakfast and snacks.


Example 9:

UPS Package Handler

Location: Landover, MD

Experience: 4 Years

  • Move freight, stock, or other materials to and from storage or production areas, loading docks, delivery vehicles, ships, or containers, by hand or using trucks, tractors, or other equipment.
  • Read work orders or receive oral instructions to determine work assignments or material or equipment needs.
  • Record numbers of units handled or moved, using daily production sheets or work tickets.
  • Attach identifying tags to containers or mark them with identifying information.
  • Sort cargo before loading and unloading.


Example 10:

UPS Package Handler

Location: Seattle, WA

Experience: 2 Years

  • Load/unload trailers.
  • Scan packages.
  • Organizing package destination.
  • Upholding organization, paying attention to details, thus, provide a steady flow of operations.
  • Great attendance.
  • Gained seniority, have been added to UPS driving training list for outstanding job performance.
  • Lifted packages by hand and organized them for proper shipment.
  • Spa packages with scanner gun
  • Belonged to a temporary safety committee help instruct new hires.
  • Maintain punctuality, friendly, helpful.
  • Very useful, will fill in for others lack of attendance.
  • On-call availability.
  • Take directions well, independent worker.


These are some sample resumes/cv of Ups Package Handler. With the help of these examples, you can create a well-crafted resume yourself. You can select any of the lines/sentences from these all examples. Combine them, edit them and use them to make an effective resume. These resume samples can help you decide what experience and accomplishments to include your resume. It also guides for the proper highlighting points.

There are more than 5000 of active jobs online for the position of Ups Package Handler in the USA. If you are looking for Ups Package Handler jobs, you can check it here. Find the job suitable to you and start applying with your fresh and updated Ups Package Handler resume and improve your chances of getting the job.

Hope you got the information you were seeking for.

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