Check Out Small Business Services from Consolidated Communications

Consolidated Communications is a company dedicated to revolutionizing technology to solutions and offers services to its customers and businesses. It enables remote staff to be productive as it eases technical and administrative burdens on the executives, and is an important business communication and broadband provider.

It recently announced the launching of the Enterprise@Home solutions, which assists in linking the business teams, communication, and collaboration remotely. This feature removes hindrances to employees’ productivity and enables the prioritization of support and services to residential locations.

This element allows remote employees to savor the business class bandwidth and prevents frustrating lags in internet connections. Check out these services offered by Consolidated Communications.

Check Out Small Business Services from Consolidated Communications
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Business Internet

Being the owner of a small business, you need to operate smartly and speedily. Consolidated Communications have adequate speeds that will sustain your customers, regardless of connecting with them personally or online.

Moreover, the company offers expeditious downloads, which enables you to focus on your business’s operations. Note that they have an Internet pan in conjunction with responding to customer needs and offer technical support 24 hours a day.

Additionally, the internet provided is very flexible, as it depends on the speed of your choice. This means that you only pay for what you request. Whether you are a solopreneur, or a middle-sized business that considers videoconferencing with several users, the company has a business pal that suits you!

Consolidated Communications enables you to use your phone in bundling your internet service for a minimum and reasonable monthly price.

Business Phone

Consolidated Communications offers your business several options on the organization’s phone. This means that you can access anything your business requires ranging from toll-free to multiple, fax lines, whichever works for you.

The company offers you business phone solutions, having distinct and clear VoIP. The small business has phone plans accessible worldwide. It is advantageous as it possesses remote call forwarding, toll-free lines, and voicemail. Typically, each plan is accompanied by responding to customer service, with 24-hour technical support.

As a company manager, all you need is a reliable and affordable communication structure. With Consolidated Communications providing you with a business phone, you are sure of being attended to all day long. Additionally, you can opt to concentrate on bundling your firm using internet service for reasonable and low monthly prices.

Business TV

Consolidated Communications provides you with a live-streaming TV-service available in selected markets, and CCiTV service that is available across all markets in the United States. Relative to your business location, you need eligibility for CCiTV, Cable TV services from Consolidated communications.

Moreover, the services range from local educational programs, movie channels, to sports networks; and your business can have all these. Also, the business TV services the company offers contain features such as DVR and HD services.

Interestingly, your small business can capitalize on completing your small business TV service to your consolidated internet service.

Business Bundles

Consolidated Communications offers you business bundles based on the type of business you own. The bundle offered is relative to the bandwidth you expect to run, and your plans of running your business.

You can reach out to the customer service and get the phone and internet package of your choice that will suit your requirements.

Check Out Small Business Services from Consolidated Communications
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Security Systems

The company offers you small business surveillance and security structures from SimpliSafe. Their systems have an easy day-long setup, having great cameras, that do efficient monitoring.

Note that all this comes a single affordable security framework for a small business. You can check the availability of this feature within your locality.

Digital Marketing

Consolidated Communications understands that you run a lot of errands, and so, it developed an all-round online marketing suite services that deliver whatever you need and whenever you need it. Indeed, the company can revamp your already marketing strategy or design it from scratch!

It has the Search Engine Optimization that places your business in over 40 directories and social media presence on the leading platforms. This will promote the exposure of your business.


When it comes to monthly fees, Consolidated Communications start from as low as $25 per month for connections that are as fast as 18 Mbps. They also have a two -year promo rate of broadband which costs a recovery fee of $2.97 per month per internet connection and $73.85/mo for 1,000 Mbps.


Consolidated Communications has expertise that devotes their time to see that your small business grows. It requires an extensive and substantial effort to widen the scope of your business. All their services are customized and suited to meet your needs.