Top 5 Jobs That Pay $50 Per Hour

Finding a well-paying job takes time and effort. You may start small, getting a few jobs and here and there, but as more demands strike in, you will yearn to make a higher salary or even earn a promotion.

Whether you are working in marketing, medicine, or whatever industry you are in, there is always that urge to get to the next level and consequently land a better paying job.

If you are in search of a better pay cheque, here are some of the jobs that pay $50 per hour, and in some cases, even more.

$50 Per Hour

Marketing Manager

As a marketing manager, you will plan, oversee, and execute sales and promotional strategies to attract and retain clients. Usually, they manage a team of other marketers, plan a budget, and work with media and other advertising agencies. Be warned, though, that landing such roles is not a walk in the park. However, it is such a rewarding position.

To qualify, you need a bachelor’s degree in a related field and at least eight years of experience as a marketer. The average salary of a marketing manager is $55.77 per hour.

HR Manager

HR managers are usually responsible for training and hiring individuals from various settings like schools, corporations, hospitals, and government and non-government facilities. You will need a degree in finance or education, and you’ll need to have several years of work experience in business under your belt. You will make about $54.47 per hour.

Software Developer

Whether you are working as a mobile or software developer, these jobs come with lucrative pay. Their job description involves developing, designing, and programming software. You need a degree in software engineering or a computer-related degree to land such a job. The beauty of this job is that you have the option of working remotely. Your average pay will be $50.77 per hour.


Physicists are among the highest paid in the job world today, but their roles go beyond speed or gravity. Landing this kind of job is not very easy; you will need at least a Ph.D. in astronomy or physics. One of your daily activities will be to study how different forms of energy and matter interact. You might also be required to come up with new medical instruments. You will make about $57.49 per hour.

PR Manager

PR managers usually have demanding tasks, but that also comes with the paycheck. They are responsible for upholding the company’s brand by writing speeches and coming up with other advertising programs for the company. You need to be extra careful because a simple mistake can destroy the company’s image.

You need at least a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a related field and 5+ years of experience. You will make about $55.19 per hour.


Getting a job that pays $50 per hour is not something you can do easily. Some of these careers require several years of experience, whereas others require training and education that most people do not have. But, if you are determined and focused, nothing can stop you from getting these jobs.