You Got a Job Offer, Now What?

Congratulations on getting that job offer! this is a new step for you and is likely very exciting.

However, remember that your interactions with the company are as important as they were when you were having your interview with them.

Also, if this is the company you would like to work with, be sure to create a good impression every step of the way.

job offer

Getting the Job Offer

Most job offers come via emails, phone calls, or voicemails if you do not answer. Read along to find out what you should do if your job offer comes through.

If your phone call goes unanswered and you find a message via voicemail, be sure to listen from start to finish as you pen down any essential details that you might need as you start your work. In case of any doubts, play and listen to the voicemail again.

Assuming they asked you to pick your appointment letter at a given time, do so and make sure you keep the time. If they ask you to call them back, do so.

If the voicemail says you got a job offer and nothing more, email them after 24 hours and thank them. Also, be sure to express how excited you are about the job offer and ask if there are any details they would like you to know. This shows how enthusiastic you are about your job.

What Should You Ask?

But what if the news comes via phone call? You need to be calm and collected as you thank your employer for the job opportunity. Over hundreds of applications, they chose you, so remember to appreciate their time.

You can also ask your employer if there are any deadlines you should know about. For instance, is there a specific time you should let them know that you accepted the offer? Is there a deadline for when you should submit your documents?

Now, when it comes to salary, if your employer does not say anything about salary or any other benefits on the phone, ask when they will let you know about the same. However, do so in a graceful manner, as you tell them how excited you are to know more about their offer.

Get It in Writing

It’s also essential to have all the information documented. Otherwise, a verbal offer is not official. If you are not satisfied with the pay, remember this is not the time to negotiate (on the phone). Wait till they put your offer in writing, then you can negotiate. This is what you should do if the job offer comes by email.

Send Your Response

Respond to the email immediately or after 24 hours at the latest to thank them for the job opportunity. Also, be sure to read through and confirm whether all details have been included. If they are not, reply with any questions that you may have.

In the email, you can ask about how much they are offering. Ask when they expect you to start and when they will be expecting more details from you. It is imperative to have all instructions clear before you start work to avoid any mix-ups once you are already working.


Whether getting that response takes days, weeks, or months, receiving a job offer is always exciting, but depending on how you handle it, your excitement can either make you fail or succeed. This is the time to be extra careful with your actions, as this will show your true colors and what kind of employee you will be.