Jobs That Will Keep You Active and In Shape

If you dread jobs where you have to sit around at a desk from 9 to 5, then you are better off going for a physically demanding job.

Having an active role in your career will not only give you a sense of satisfaction, but it will also keep you healthy.

To get a heads up and learn about some jobs that will keep you in shape, here are some of the active careers you should try out.

Active and In Shape


If you prefer working outdoors instead of in an office, then landscaping or gardening might be a viable career option for you. Whether you are working on private property or pristine golf greens, there are several options you should consider. Just like anyone in this line of work will tell you, it’s a thirsty work, and you need to be prepared for it.


Are you enthusiastic about farming and agriculture? Do you fancy living in the countryside as opposed to living in the hectic noise and rush of the city? Then farming might be the best alternative for you.

However, you need to be well prepared to take it on. Farmers are known for working long hours, with most of their work being physically demanding. But, if you are the kind who doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty, farming can be a lucrative job.


You will never know how tiring and demanding this job is if you have never worn an apron and carried a notebook around all day. Apart from moving between tables and kitchens, you have to be extra careful as you carry food not to spill it on clients. The beauty of this job is that if you do a good job, there is potential for earning extra in tips.

Fire Fighter

Another physically demanding job is that of a firefighter. To enter this kind of profession, you need to be physically fit with stamina and strong enough to carry heavy loads where need be. You also need knowledge for operating machinery like an overturned car in case you have to remove trapped people.


This goes without saying, but dancing jobs are among the most demanding jobs today. If you love dancing, then you should give this a shot. Professional choreographers and dancers need to be flexible and robust enough to perform different dancing styles. So, if you feel you can dance and pull off some jaw-dropping strokes, why not consider a career on the stage?

Fitness Instructor

Well, this is like killing two birds with one stone. You exercise while teaching other people how to do the same. Your role will be to conduct fitness classes at spas, gyms, or people’s homes (if you are hired as a private instructor). Your goal should always be to make sure your clients keep in shape and meet their goals.


These are people who move people’s furniture and other stuff to their destinations. Imagine carrying heavy furniture all day long with up seven flights of stairs every single day. Can you handle that?


Office jobs are not for everyone. To some, working outdoors comes naturally, like dancing. Some people are better at dancing than sitting in an office all day long. If you are the one who prefers working in an all-changing environment, check out these jobs to keep you in shape and apply today.