Here Are 5 Jobs That Do Not Require Prior Experience

Are you straight out of a job without experience and worried that you might not get a job in a new career? Jobs that don’t need prior experience are hard to find.

Nothing is as frustrating as applying for a primary entry job only to be told you need to have three years of experience when you have none. Worry not, because even without experience, there are jobs perfect for you.

According to Glassdoor, there are lots of jobs out there that invite candidates without experience, and here are just a few. Read on.

Prior Experience

Customer Care Representative

All that customer care representatives do is handle customers’ inquiries and complaints, provide technical support, and help solve any issues that may arise from customers. This kind of job does not require prior experience. However, you might have to undergo training for entry-level candidates. With this kind of job, you will earn about $30,688 per year.

Home Care Aide

Usually, home care aides provide support and medical attention to senior citizens at home, and in most cases, they are under the supervision of a nurse or doctor. Your main job is to keep an eye on these people and, if need be, change bandages, wash them, administer medications, and check on their general wellbeing. As a home care aid, you will earn about $30,700 per year.

Truck Driver

For as long as you know how to drive, have a driving license, and hold a clean record, you will be good to go. If you love cars and would be interested in such a career, then being a truck driver sounds like the best plan.

After landing that driving job, work hard, aim for more prominent clients who pay better, and aim at getting your own truck and becoming your own boss. If you have your paperwork in place, you can also apply for a job transporting dangerous goods, a job that comes with even better pay. Truck drivers usually earn about $42,500 per year.

Casino Dealer

If you are looking for a more sophisticated kind of work, then consider becoming a casino dealer. Whereas the pay here is not guaranteed, if you factor in tips and commissions, you could be smiling your way to the bank. Whereas this kind of job does not require prior experience, you will need strong interpersonal and customer care skills. You also have to be presentable and flexible enough to stand for long hours.

This job not only pays well but also gives you opportunities for rubbing shoulders with high-end people. As a casino dealer, you will earn about $22,300 per year.


Whereas this job does not require prior experience, you need to be physically fit due to the dangers associated with it. You should also be emotionally healthy to handle the trauma of what you might come across.

As such, employees usually look for people who are strong and mature enough to remain calm under any situation. As a firefighter, expect to earn about $49,100 per year.


There are so many ways you can earn a decent income even without having prior experience. Your strongest asset will be your ability to handle rough situations and mingle freely with people. Also, be sure to brush up your CV and eliminate any errors that might portray you as an amateur in the industry. Otherwise, we wish you the best of luck.