When To Speak Up So Your Boss Notices You

Gathering the courage to speak up at your workplace is not easy. You may often feel intimidated, especially if you work with people with strong personalities. However, if you want to be heard and speak your mind, you must find the right opportunities to do so.

Some people have the fear of being perceived as controversial. As such, they opt to keep quiet. Perhaps you think speaking up might get you fired, cause conflicts, or put tension on your relationship with your colleagues.

However, speaking up can be a great way to get your boss to notice you. The question is, when is the right time to speak up? What is the right way to speak up? Here are some of the strategies you should implement which will give you the confidence to speak up.

speak up

Figure Out How To Speak

If speaking up in a conference room filled with big talkers is intimidating, then you might have to figure out how you can cut through the noise. As you do so, however, be sure not to interrupt others.

Use gestures that ask for an opportunity to speak, like raising your hand.

Don’t fret if you feel you have an important message that you have to get across. You can even reach out to your colleagues and communicate directly to them. Be confident, approach them, and let your voice be heard. What’s the worst that can happen, anyway?

Disagree Gracefully

If there is an issue you don’t agree with your colleagues about, bringing it up might feel weird and awkward. However, if you feel the matter is important to you, then speak up and have a discussion.

Always focus on the message and do so when you are calm and in your right mind.

Along with that, avoid being confrontational. Always approach the issue with questions and a curious attitude.

Use phrases like, “can you tell me more about this?”, “have you thought about this?”, and “how did you get to this conclusion?” This helps the other person consider a new perspective rather than argue.

Always Follow Protocol

Whereas some managers are easily approachable, with others, there are certain steps you will need to follow. This may include going through assistants or secretaries first.

Either way, if you have a boss or a supervisor, always keep them in the loop about any communication you have with senior managers. This will help you avoid issues that might put you in a bad position

Always Be Ready For A Pushback

If you have an upcoming presentation, be sure to have someone go through it and give you some feedback. Think of any questions that you think might arise and think of possible answers. Always be ready to answer in the form of dialogue and a discussion.

Also, do extensive research and be sure of what you are talking about. Read all the necessary materials and have all the facts down. This way, when someone disagrees with what you said, you have the ability to back up your claims.

Always Say What You Mean And Mean What You Say

Knowing how to speak and express yourself confidently is an art best learned at an early stage. Don’t expect anyone to do this for you. After understanding your workplace protocol, then go ahead and express your views.

speak up

Bottom Line

Finding the right time and opportunity to express yourself so your boss can hear you is kind of tricky. However, practice courage, confidence, and a willingness to step out of your comfort zone. Hopefully, these tips will help you speak up in your workplace.