Employee Practices That Will Show Your Boss You Deserve Recognition

As the saying goes, employment isn’t for everyone. But those who do enjoy their job, it can be frustrating when you don’t get recognition for your work. Especially after you have become skilled at your job.

A good number of workplace surveys have proved that recognition of one’s efforts in the workplace goes a long way in boosting morale. This benefit is felt, not only to those who were recognized but also to the other workers as well. However, all too often, no one is properly recognized for their efforts.

Now, as an employee, you can’t be recognized unless you do work that is actually recognizable. So, most people tend to ask, “What can I do to show I deserve recognition?” And that’s a tough question to answer. At times, you’ll put in the work but never get the recognition you want. Here’s how you can show you actually deserve some recognition.


Think From Your Boss’s Perspective

If it were up to you, you’d already get the recognition, right? Now you need to remember that work doesn’t revolve around you as much as you’d like it to. It comes down to your bosses and what they need. As such, you should strive to do things the way your bosses would like to see them done.

Trying to reach your own goal is quite easy because you can adjust it at any given moment. But your boss’s goal never changes, and that’s what you should be reaching. So, try to think about your work from your boss’s perspective. This will also help you see where you should make adjustments.

It’s About Them, Not You

You should shift your concern more towards everyone else in the workplace and less on yourself. You want the recognition because you earned it, right? Remember that in your place of work it is a team effort and not a solo act. The earlier you realize that, the better. It will also keep you from getting into competitions that aren’t worth your effort.

You should also be thinking about your fellow employees as well. You need to be a problem-solver all around and not look like you’re sucking up to only the boss to get extra attention.

Take Responsibility For The Company’s Outcomes

How do you handle a team’s results, even if you weren’t a part of it? Well, you should celebrate their successes and mourn their losses as if they were your own. After all, you are all part of the same company, so you will be affected in one way or another. If you think of the results as ‘they’ other than ‘we’ it means you are not as invested in the company.

Owing what the company does goes a long way to show the boss that you’re truly part of the team. Anything less will only prove to your boss that you’d rather be somewhere else. So, whether the results are good or bad, as part of the whole team, own the results.

Be Positive

Now that you’re part of the team and taking responsibility for results, it’s time to improve in another area. Now, try being positive consistently, even during tough times. That means that even when you aren’t getting recognition, you should be positive. Someone who is positive at work helps lift the entire workplace up.

How you carry yourself at your workplace is important. You can’t be walking around all moody and kicking things about because things aren’t going your way. Having positive energy, even when things aren’t going on well, rubs off on other employees. Your boss will notice as well.

Appreciate Your Colleagues

A little bit of appreciation goes a long way. After all, you also want to be appreciated. If you don’t appreciate others, how can you expect to be recognized? Even with the other employees, ensure you appreciate everyone’s efforts, especially the ones who have gone the extra mile. Practice genuine gratitude for your colleague’s efforts and accomplishments.



Recognition of what you do will go a long way to boost your morale and your productivity. Earning it doesn’t mean you have to do much as you think. However, you do have to do the right things, like those we have listed in this article. Use the steps listed above and you’ll surely get the recognition you deserve from your boss.