4 Hacks To Keep You From Falling Asleep On The Job

Getting tired at work is a very common thing. However, it becomes even worse when you are working from home. The urge to take a nap is hard to overcome. Fighting the habit of falling asleep on the job is something that many people need help with.

Naturally, there are people who have a hard time concentrating when at their workplaces. There those who just cat seem to get their acts together at work. The question is when such times hit in, what do you do? We have answers for that.

We have done some research for you and identified some of the tips to help you concentrate and not fall asleep on the job. If you feel you are not being productive enough, this is meant for you.

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Take A Quick Nap Before Work

If it’s impossible to take a nap at work, then you might consider taking a quick nap before you step into your workplace. This can even be done in your car, in the parking lot.

If you tend to work odd hours, taking a quick nap might go a long way. Consider doing this for at least 30 o 40 minutes to increase your alertness at work.

Go For Walks

You can also go out and take some short walks. This will help you catch some fresh air and stretch a bit. If it’s done the proper way, especially when the sun is up, it can be effective and increase alertness throughout the day.

Take Breaks In Between Tasks

People who sit or stand for too long tend to get tired so fast. This is not the case with people who are active in their workplaces. To help you avoid being dizzy and sleepy, take some breaks every few hours if you can.

For instance, you might consider taking a walk around the office building or going out to grab something.

Keep A Bright Workplace

Dark workplaces can cause people to sleep. To avoid this, be sure to keep your desk well-lit with a lamp. If you can work near natural sunlight, that may help even more. If you are working at night or in a dimly-lit place, consider leaving the lights on.

Drink Enough Water

Always have enough drinking water by your table. Drinking water throughout the day keeps you alert and boosts your energy. Further, it is healthy for you! Studies show that people who are dehydrated rarely concentrate on their work.

Have Some Morning Caffeine Before Work

Caffeine is good for keeping people awake and alert throughout the day. As such, always have some by your desk or at home before you start your shift. However, avoid taking caffeine late in the night as this can interfere with your sleep patterns.

Always Have Some Snacks

Munching on healthy snacks can keep your blood sugars high and keep you attentive throughout the day. Look for foods rich in proteins, healthy fats, and carbohydrates.

Foods such as nuts, baby carrots, cheese, yogurt, granola, whole wheat crackers, and peanut butter are some good options to look out for. Avoid foods that have lots of sugar such as sodas or candies.

First Complete The Difficult Tasks

It’s natural for people to lose focus and morale when they have complex tasks to complete when they are tired. If you can first focus on these earlier on during the day and then move to the easier ones as the day goes by, they will be much easier for you to concentrate on.

Use Energizing Scents

You can have an essential oil diffuser or even a scented candle at your desk. Go for scents that are energizing and strong like citrus, jasmine or peppermint. Alternatively, you can rub these essentials on your hands or temples to keep you alert.

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Bottom Line

There you have it, folks, it is quite daunting to feel sleepy when you have a lot of work to do. If you have been having a hard time concentrating at your workplace, we hope these tips help! These ideas should keep you from falling asleep on the job.