How To Get Started In Shell Careers

Whether you are starting your career or want to change the company you work for, you may want to consider the path of Shell careers. Before rushing to apply for a job at Shell, find your passion by thinking about the field of work you want to be involved in.

Ask yourself important questions such as what you are good at and what your personality type is. Choosing a job that matches your character is always the best career choice. Thankfully, there are a variety of positions available when it comes to Shell careers.

Shell Company deals with oil production and distribution. It’s a Dutch British company with offices in over 70 countries. More than 90,000 employees work for this company in different departments. Learn more about Shell careers below.

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Company Basic Requirements

Shell employees are 18 years and above. They are collectively working 24 hours a day for seven days a week. You must be ready to work for long hours despite the fact that the employees work in shifts. Other requirements vary with the job opportunity.

Typical positions include working as a cashier, manager, assistant manager, maintenance associate, team member, retail clerk, and shift manager.

Facts To Consider When Starting A Career At Shell

There are more than 20,000 gas stations in the United States alone that belong to Shell. In addition, there are many more around the world. The company management invests in the employees, ensuring there is no unattended post to increase customer experiences.

The company continually hires new employees to work in different positions.

The primary focus for the company is ensuring that customers receive high standard services in any gas station. Managers interviewing new employees always aim to hire the best.

You must be flexible and be able to work at any time you are scheduled. You will, at times, work during the night or on weekends.

Qualifications for different jobs vary with the department and the regional policy. The salary is also determined by the responsibilities given.

Different Opportunities


The clerk plays a significant role in ensuring that the products have the right price tags. Moreover, they have to keep records of any sales made by the company.

If you are willing to work in this career path, your responsibilities will include tracking the inventory and ensuring the customers have what they need. The average pay is $10 per hour.


This position includes different departments, but the requirements are almost the same. You must be able to work well with others, provide solutions, and ensure the smooth running of the company. Managers earn up to $45,000 every year.

Tips For Applying For A Job At Shell

If you have a degree and extensive experience in the area you are interested in, apply for a job in the nearest office. Most applications are done in person. However, you can apply for an appointment online. Sign in to the company website and view any job opportunities.

Register to the company and create a profile advertising your experiences. When a job comes up, you can use your profile to submit your application. You will then receive a confirmation message.

You will likely have to take an assessment after a telephone interview. If you get the job, you will then go through a training process as you begin working in any of the Shell careers.

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Bottom Line

Starting one of the various Shell careers is easy today. After identifying the area you want to work in, you can create a profile through their website.

If you have all your documents in order, you can quickly secure a job after sending in an application. Di note, however, that it can take days to receive a confirmation notice. Starting a career at Shell will be a dream come true if you follow the above tips.