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The Sandwich Artist is individual who specialize in preparing the sandwiches of customer’s choice. These experts in sandwich making are usually employed by fast food chain restaurants. They are responsible for preparing as ordered as well selling other food items of the restaurant.

The duties described in various samples of the Sandwich Artist resume are to prepare food and serve it to the customers. The hired candidate also have to collect the payment from the customer. They have to ensure the food safety of the restaurant and maintain its stock. They need to supervise for clean work area.

The employers usually focus on the candidates with the enthusiastic attitude and the great customer service skills. The candidate applying for must be skillful in preparing food. He/She must have a little knowledge about the various food taste and flavour. No formal education is required but high school diploma is beneficial.

Sandwich Artist

Sandwich Artist Resume Template

Rob Wilson

Sandwich Artist

743 Xyz Abc Road.
Chicago, IL – xxxxx

Email: | Home: xxx-xxx-xxxx | Mobile: xxx-xxx-xxxx

Professional Summary

I love and enjoy being around people. I feel that a great attitude and hard work are the keys to success. My positive attitude and determination helps me get work done with ease and swiftness. I am a fast sandwich artist and paste worker. I am very good with handling money, paperwork, and other simple task jobs. Achieving goals and daily missions is a passion of mine.

Work Experience

1) Sandwich Artist Pro

Company Name – Chicago, IL

October 2016 to Present

  • Sandwich Artist Pro-Shift Lead
  • Greet and serve customers as they come in to make their orders.
  • Prepare orders made to customers choice of ingredients from meats to vegetables to sauces.
  • Maintain food safety and sanitation standards, handle and process paperwork needed for closing or opening of days and shifts, such as cash ins and counts on inventory.
  • Prep food items during shift for the on-coming shift whether night morning or midday shift.
  • Train new personal on rules, formulas for sandwiches, and also major areas of prep for the oncoming shift/day.


2) Customer Service/Sandwich artist/ Cashier

Company Name – Chicago, IL

January 2012 to June 2016

  • Cash handling
  • Inspect and clean the food preparation areas to ensure that the serving areas and equipment are properly sanitized and safe for food handling.
  • Stock rotation to ensure freshness
  • Serving customers with a smile and great attitude.


3) Cook/Food Prep/Server

Company Name – Chicago, IL

April 2009 to August 2011

  • Prepare food for service in a short-order setting on an as-needed basis following pre-set guidelines.
  • Make sure all measurements, mixes, and season menu items according to the facility’s standards.
  • Responsible for taking and delivering food and beverage orders to patron providing excellent customer service.
  • Responsible for standard food service work including sanitation duties, and various services-Knowledge of proper food handling procedures and government regulations the food code.

Educational Qualification

Medical Assisting

ABC Institute – Chicago, IL

September 2007 to October 2008


High School Diploma in Business Studies

XYZ University – Chicago, IL

September 2004 to June 2007

Skills and Strengths

  • Excellent verbal and with communication skills.
  • Ability to resolve conflict in person or over the phone.
  • Exceptional situational leadership skills.
  • Self-motivated with strong work ethic for professionalism and timelines.
  • Demonstrates technical proficiency in the following software, (Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)


— References Available upon Request —


Properly writing roles, responsibilities, and skills in Sandwich Artist’s Resume is very important. It is because the employer or the recruiter will check them to judge your capabilities. Mostly, the points of the job duties performed will come under the section of work experience in the Sandwich Artist’s Resume. Whereas you can mention your skills within the skill section. The other key or highlighting points can be noted separately.

To get the job, making an accurate resume having precise points is necessary. Hence, here are few shorter examples which will give you a better idea about how to write roles, responsibilities, skills and work experience in the resume for the position of Sandwich Artist.

From our resume database, I have gathered few examples. These resumes are selected on basis of different location and experience level. These Sandwich Artist Resume samples of professionals will give you provide with a hint when you are writing your resume. You can change the points according to your location and experience level.

Check these Sandwich Artist resume samples. I hope you will find something interesting and valuable from these examples.

Example 1:

Sandwich Artist/Cashier

Location: Hazlehurst, GA

Experience: 1 Year 4 Months

  • Greet customers upon arrival/departure of the restaurant.
  • Maintain cleanliness inside and outside of the restaurant.
  • Assist co-workers with customers in completing their meal orders.
  • Properly handle cash drawer and make required deposits in the safe and ensure there are no cash shortages upon turning over the register to another employee or prior to closing.
  • Ensure that all shift duties are completed prior to clocking out.
  • Be sure to contact management if there is a situation or have a question that I or my fellow co-workers cannot resolve.
  • Properly prep and store food as per the proper food handling procedures.
  • Maintain uniform cleanliness and outstanding grooming.
  • Operate POS and register


Example 2:

Sandwich Artist

Location: Chicago, IL

Experience: 9 Months

  • I was trained to make sure I met our customers’ needs and that they left satisfied.
  • I began on mid shift, a 2pm-8pm weekly shift.
  • I got to experience what it was to be on both day and night shift.
  • I prepped food. (meats, vegetables, and sauces)
  • I learned the essentials of working with food.
  • Always made sure our store was presentable and spotless.
  • After training, I went from both day to night shift.
  • Cleaned after closing hours making sure the store was left ready for our opening shift crew.
  • I learned how to use a cash register for the first time.
  • I didn’t just learn how to greet people physically, but also over the phone.
  • After being on the job for seven months, my managers and owner of the store agreed on giving me Employee of the Month.


Example 3:

Sandwich Artist

Location: Lawrenceville, GA

Experience: 2 Years

  • Greet and accommodate customers.
  • Prepare food to order in a timely fashion.
  • Control cash register.
  • Provide customers with a clean and orderly dining environment.
  • Keep work/food prep area clean.
  • Close the store at the end of the night.
  • Overall making sure customers are satisfied and taken care of while maintaining a clean environment.


Example 4:

Sandwich Artist

Location: Boston, MA

Experience: 2 Years

  • Drive through assistant.
  • Operated drive through and cashier.
  • Prepared sandwiches.
  • Even moved up to Sampler.
  • Prepared samples and delivered to corporate offices


Example 5:

Cashier/Sandwich Artist

Location: Atlanta, GA

Experience: 2 years

My responsibilities are:

  • To kindly welcome each customer as they walk into our subway.
  • Make sure we have a clean work space.
  • Prepare each sandwich as the customer likes.
  • Ring up sales correctly and hand out the correct amount of change.


Example 6:

Sandwich Artist /Cashier

Location: Senoia, GA

Experience: 2 Years

  • Greet and serves guests.
  • Prepares food.
  • Maintain food safety and sanitation standards.
  • Prepares food neatly accurately and in a timely manner.
  • Handles or processes light paperwork.
  • Exceptional customer service


Example 7:

Sandwich Artist

Location: Houston, TX

Experience: 8 Months

  • Exhibits a cheerful and helpful manner while greeting guests and preparing their orders.
  • Demonstrates a complete understanding of menu items and explains them to guests accurately.
  • Uses Point of Sale system/cash register to record the order and compute the amount of the bill.
  • Collects payment from guests and makes change.
  • Performs Cash-In Procedure- accounting for all forms of money, bread, etc., during the shift.
  • Prepares food neatly and in a timely manner.
  • Checks products in sandwich unit area and restocks items to ensure a sufficient supply throughout the shift.
  • Understands and adheres to proper food handling, safety and sanitation standards during food preparation, service and clean up.
  • Cleans and maintains all areas of the restaurant to promote a clean image.
  • Maintains a professional appearance and grooming standards


Example 8:

Subway Sandwich Artist

Location: Forest Park, GA

Experience: 2 years

  • Demonstrated integrity and honesty while interacting with guests, team members, and managers.
  • Maintained high standards of customer service during high volume, fast-paced operations.
  • Prepared all food orders within given time frame.
  • Stored food in designated containers and storage areas to prevent spoilage or cross-contamination.
  • Prepared meats, vegetables, desserts, according to customer’s orders and company procedures.
  • Weighed meat ingredients for sandwiches.
  • Provided customer service over the phone for catering orders
  • Reported to each shift on time and ready to work.
  • Cleaned and sanitized work areas, dishes, and utensils.


Example 9:

Sandwich artist

Location: Chicago, IL

Experience: 2 years

  • Managed closing services by balancing the register, stocking inventory, and restocking Subway merchandise for a smooth transition for the opening shift.
  • Provided excellent customer service with friendly greetings, receiving outstanding compliments daily.
  • Delegated a staff of six to complete different tasks in order to maintain smooth operations throughout the day.
  • Supervised training of new employees with close supervision and instruction on how to properly perform the job


Example 10:

Sandwich Artist/Cashier

Location: Chicago, IL

Experience: 3 years

  • Responsible for task organization and fulfillment.
  • Basic paperwork.
  • Responsibility over cash and important documents.
  • Other tasks include: customer service, sandwich-making, store maintenance, food prep, closing the store alone, maintaining positive atmosphere.


Example 11:

Cashier/Sandwich Artist

Location: Chicago, IL

Experience: 1 year

  • Greet customers
  • Operate cash register
  • Prep vegetables, breads, meats, etc. prior to opening
  • Operate restaurant equipment
  • Take and prepare customers’ orders
  • Maintain all areas clean and sanitized


Example 12:

Sandwich Artist

Location: Chicago, IL

Experience: 2 years

  • Prepares food neatly, accurately and in a timely manner.
  • Checks products in sandwich unit area and restocks items to ensure a sufficient supply throughout the shift.
  • Cleans as directed.
  • Greets guests and prepares their orders, uses Point of Sale system/cash register to record their order, collects payment from guests and makes change
  • Understands and adheres to all quality standards, formulas and procedures.
  • Accounts for cash flow and inventory during the shift.
  • Understands and adheres to proper food handling, safety and sanitization standards while preparing food, serving food and clean up.


Example 13:

Subway Sandwich Artist

Location: Chicago, IL

Experience: 10 Months

  • Prepare all the ingredients that will be needed during shifts.
  • Create sandwiches delis, wraps, and salads, bake bread and cookies.
  • Operate the equipment in the work station.
  • Serve customers.
  • Clean the dining section.
  • Maintain food safety and standards in food preparation and personal hygiene.
  • Complete and fill out light paper work.
  • Ensuring that all equipment are working properly.


These are some sample resumes/CV of Sandwich Artist. With the help of these examples, you can create a well-crafted resume yourself. You can select any of the lines/sentences from these all examples. Combine them, edit them and use them to make an effective resume. These resume samples can help you decide what experience and accomplishments to include your resume. It also guides for the proper highlighting points.

There are more than 4500 active jobs online for the position of Sandwich Artist in the USA. If you are looking for Sandwich Artist jobs, you can check it here. Find the job suitable to you and start applying with your fresh and updated Sandwich Artist resume and improve your chances of getting the job.

Hope you got the information you were seeking for.

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