Jobs That Didn’t Exist 30 Years Ago

A lot has changed in business over the last thirty years. We cannot undermine the role technology has played in this. Jobs that exist now weren’t even imaginable 30 years ago.

Not only has technology become an essential part of most companies today, but it has also given rise to a multitude of jobs. A case in point is the rise in online marketing and social media. Job roles are continually being created around these areas.

These range from social media managers to web analysts, and the list goes on. Most of these jobs have come about as a result of an increase in roles relating to fitness, nutrition, and of course, the rise in technology. Take a look at these jobs below. How many have you heard of?

These jobs didn't exist 30 years ago.

Social Media Manager

Social media hardly existed 30 years ago, so there was no need for social media managers. Today, almost 80% of adults are on social media, and some use it for advertising, marketing their products, making sales, creating brand awareness, and all sorts of business.

Social media managers usually work across several social media platforms creating blog posts, promoting products, photography, and so much more. It is their duty also to interact and gauge the audience and even monetize their results.

Uber Driver

During the old days, folks took buses, trains, or cabs. Some preferred walking. Now? Uber has come, and what’s more, there are Uber drivers. This makes it a job based exclusively on an app. With the way technology is evolving so fast, who knows whether Uber drivers will still be available 10 years from now? It might be phased out by driverless cars.

SEO Specialist

Search engine optimization is increasingly becoming a household name, which was not the case thirty years ago. Today, the essential digital landscape jobs are in SEO. Search engine specialists’ aim is always on a website’s searchability, getting to the first page of search results. You may wonder how. It’s done by using proper keywords, alt-text, longtails, plus other tricks that did not exist thirty years ago.

App Developer

Mobile apps became the “in thing” about five years ago. Both the Google play store and IOS app store were brought to the forefront of this digital era. An app developer works hand in hand with an app designer to produce an app precisely as you see it on your phone or tablet.

They also translate app designs into codes, giving the user an outstanding experience. Ever wonder what these app developers will be doing ten years to come? Who knows, let’s wait and see.

Driverless Car Engineer

While driverless cars don’t need drivers, they require people to produce, engineer, design, and also maintain them. This job is a new kid on the block. Imagine what this position will look like twenty years from now.

Podcast Producer

Thirty years ago, the only pods available were those we saw while moving. But today, some people cannot even imagine life without podcasts. These have brought in millions of dollars and also evolved to real companies. Did you know this?


A lot has changed in the job world in the past thirty years, and things are still evolving. Technology is still on the rise and creating new and better jobs for individuals. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait for what the next thirty years bring our way. We may not know yet what types of careers will exist down the line.