Ordinary Jobs That Turned People Into Millionaires  

Blue-collar jobs were once thought of as not being able to pay enough and were only for sustainment. But don’t we all aspire, in some ways, to be millionaires?

The mentality has since changed, as blue-collar professionals have turned their skills to businesses that have grown. The professional enhancement of these jobs has made several people into millionaires.

This has made the professions more attractive to young people entering the job market with little or no professional papers. So, which are the ordinary blue-collar jobs that have turned people into millionaires?

Ordinary Jobs That Turned People Into Millionaires


Not too fancy or cute, but plumbing has turned many blue-collar workers into millionaires. Ever heard the name, Charlie Mullins? Well, he may be the wealthiest plumber in the world.

He dropped out of high school to pursue the trade, and today he has more than 400 workers under him. With self-discipline, honesty, and cleaning up after, Mullins has shown that it can be done.


In all the blue-collar jobs on the market today, baking is probably the one that doesn’t look “hard.” But that’s just an assumption; it takes a lot of effort and grit to master the art of baking.

Putting it into practice also requires a lot in patience. Baking has made many people millionaires today, and it is a field that, if you market well, can earn you well.


A good number (not all) of real estate developers today were once in the construction trade. That proves that construction, if done with an eye on the price, can turn you into a millionaire. It is one of those jobs that is assumed to have been left to convicts and school dropouts, but it’s decent and can overtime bear great rewards.


If Warren Buffet’s son, Howard is making a killing in farming, why can’t you? Of course, you’ll think his father had a hand in it, but that isn’t the case. Howard has little to no assistance from his father in his venture.

What makes farming so appealing is that it is an all-seasons business; there’s no time that the world will stop eating and needing crops. With patience, perseverance, and hard work, farming can turn you into a blue-collar millionaire.

Motorcycle Building

Motorcycle customization has made a good number of guys millionaires in the world today. With motorcycles becoming quite common today, everyone wants his/hers to look different and stylish.

If you have the craftsmanship and creativity, this is a market that can be lucrative to you. It also requires a little knowledge of metalwork and engines, as well.


It doesn’t have to be cute or fancy; it just has to be a job that pays you. With blue-collar jobs, that’s precisely what you get, and with a high mentality and hard work, it can make you a part of the millionaires’ club.

These were just some of the few blue-collar jobs that have turned people into millionaires over the years. Though it won’t happen overnight and don’t expect it to, it can totally happen for you, too. To learn more about how jobs have changed over the years, check out our post on job evolution.