How to Find Inventory Assistant Vacancies Near Home

Whether it’s at the neighborhood supermarket or the nearby warehouse, there is no denying that inventory assistants play an important role in accounting for the remaining stocks of a business. Without the aid of these individuals, businesses and corporations alike will encounter a deal in their operations. If you are interested in finding a vacancy near you, here are some essential aspects you should know about.

Nature of Job

The main duties and responsibilities of an inventory assistant revolve around managing the inventory of the business. This includes sorting out the inventory orders, recording the items that have been received and taken out of inventory, and moving in product inventories from one room to another.

Other responsibilities that come with the job include physically loading and unloading inventories, awaiting and inspecting shipments, preparing labels, inspecting stock, reviewing product prices, and assisting on other retail duties. When you have numerous responsibilities under your belt, you must be detail-oriented, computer literate, and possessing of good math skills.

Average Job Rates

An inventory assistant position is paid by the hour. The average pay for this position varies by country and city, but here are some of the average hourly job rates in major countries around the world: in the United States the rate is $14.11, in Canada it’s C$16.55, in Australia it’s AU$24.52, in the UK it’s £9.13, and in South Africa it’s R28.29.


The eligibility requirements for an inventory assistant vary from one business to another. For this position, most businesses typically only require a high school diploma. However, applicants who have a degree in business management or have experience in similar fields will have an advantage. Similarly, applicants who have worked in retail and have experience in inventory will most likely be considered more competitive for the job.

Some of the skills required for the job include basic industry knowledge, knowledge of basic software programs such as spreadsheets, and excellent customer service.

How to Find Inventory Assistant Vacancies Near Home

To find an inventory assistant vacancy near you, you must first have a polished resume that shows your accomplishments and qualifications for the position. You may also course your application via different online websites. Through these platforms, you can send your resume to employers and look for vacancies in your area. Some of these sites are listed below.

Glassdoor is an online platform that allows users to review companies, research businesses, apply for jobs, and learn about salaries. This tool is used by over 67 million visitors per month and has around 11 million job listings for all types of fields, making it suitable for interested job applicants. To find a job near you, simply input your city, metro area, or employer name.

Indeed is considered the number 1 job site in the world. It helps you look for a particular position and input your desired salary and location. To filter the results, you can enter your city or zip code. Some of the inventory assistant jobs available include a position in pharmacies, supply chains, and many more.

Monster is a huge international website that caters to applicants from all parts of the globe by connecting them with potential employers. Every minute, 2,800 jobs are viewed on this platform. To jump-start your search, simply type in the job you are looking for and the area in which you wish to work.

Government Sites & Programs

To help you find an inventory assistant position, there are programs put forward by the government that can help improve your search.

In the US, you can use the Find a Job resource to help you get the job you are aiming for. In particular, the CareerOneStop option by the Department of Labor offers helpful tips for finding a job and even building a career network.

In the United Kingdom, the government’s Find a Job feature of the Department for Work and Pensions allows you to find a job based on the area in which you intend to apply for jobs, the skills you possess, and the company you plan to work for.

The Australian government has a similar program titled Jobactive, which is powered by JobSearch. Here, individuals can find jobs via the website or use the JobSearch app to select a location or industry in which they prefer to work.

The Canadian government also offers the Job Bank feature for applicants coming from this country. Under this program, job seekers can simply look up jobs posted by employers, apply, and get matched for their preferred position. This also comes in a mobile app version, making it easier even when you are on the go.

For individuals looking for an inventory assistant position in South Africa, the Higher Education & Training of the Republic of South Africa has put forth the Khetha site. As part of its initiative, the organization has compiled a list of job search websites that can help applicants advance in their particular field, including the Employment Services of South Africa (ESSA). Through ESSA, applicants will be matched with their prospective employers.


Looking for a job in your area will certainly become easier through the various platforms and government programs available for use. To find an inventory assistant vacancy near you today, make sure to use these systems to your advantage.