Get A Job As A Coffee Roaster

Perhaps your dream is to become a coffee roaster but you have no idea where to begin. Or maybe you love coffee so much and you would like to know what goes on behind scenes before it hits your table. Whatever the case, we have got you covered.

Coffee roasting is such an important career, just like a brewer is to a craft beer. You cannot have a bakery without bread. Likewise, you cannot brew coffee without having someone to roast the coffee beans. As such, this profession is full of skills of craftsmanship.

Now that you have some background knowledge on who a coffee roaster is, lets quickly dive in and find out what it takes to get such jobs. keep in mind that the coffee industry has grown over time and can now be highly competitive. Let’s dive in.

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Job Description Of A Coffee Roaster

Among other things, coffee roasters usually control gas-fired roasters. This is done to remove moisture within the coffee beans.

They usually weigh several batches of coffee beans on a scale-hopper and then open the chute, allowing the coffee beans to flow into the oven where they roast to the desired flavor.

A coffee roaster observes the heat and makes adjustments where need be so that the beans don’t burn. It is also their job to monitor the beans as they roast and observe their color so they are of quality standard.

You should also be a good communicator and be able to communicate effectively with all the people you work with. You should also be aware of all the safety standards and also maintain a healthy working environment.

After several batches of beans are raoasted, it is your job to also make sure you blend all the beans. To make it in this industry, individuals must have a combination of skills and passion. You should have knowledge of coffee tastings, coffee roasting, and so on.

How To Become A Professional Coffee Roaster

Take A Roasting Program

There are several roasting programs across the US that you can be a part of. These programs not only teach you roasting skills but also empower you with hands-on skills throughout the whole production process.

It is a financial investment that will be worth it in the end.

Coffee Roaster Apprenticeship

Becoming a roaster’s apprentice is one of the best ways you can learn coffee roasting from the beginning until the end.

You should be able to get on-job training from experienced roasters who will give you hands-on training. In this role, you will also become familiar with some of the challenges that come with the job.


There are some people who naturally have a love for coffee. In this case, all you have to do is hone your roasting skills. You can even do so in the comfort of your home.

Most people started their careers this way. Never get embarrassed to include this on your CV. It’s okay to self-teach coffee roasting skills. In fact, it may even be admirable.

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Bottom Line

If you want to make coffee roasting your career, then there has never been a better time to do this than now. If you have a passion for coffee and want to help bring out its best flavors, then start working towards becoming a coffee roaster today!