How to Find Administrative Assistant Jobs Near Home

Globally, finding a post as an administrative assistant requires information, time, and plans, but once you’ve secured a job, you might say it’s worth all the stress. An administrator plays a major role in ensuring the smooth running of a company and thus, should have skills and competence.

This article explains the basic tips to use while finding administrative assistant jobs near your home.

How to Find Administrative Assistant Jobs Near Home

Nature of Job

Administrative assistant jobs entail handling administrative requests and queries sent from senior managers, planning meetings, and scheduling administrative requests. There is a need to be keen and accurate on the preparation of various documents.

An administrative assistant should have excellent communication skills and be prepared, as they play a significant role in the administration of the whole office.

Average Job Rates

In the United States, the average administrative assistant pay is around $44,950 yearly.

Canada’s pay scale is around CA$45,000 per year.

Australia has an average salary for this job ringing in at AU$53,263 yearly.

An administrative assistant is paid £19,348 annually in the UK.

South African administrative assistants get an average pay of R117,362 yearly.


Most companies look for personnel who have extensive skills in administrative work, as well as knowledge of office management systems and working knowledge of office equipment, like printers and other modern machines.

There are various traits that an administrative assistant must have, including verbal and communication skills and excellent time management. An administrative assistant should have a high school diploma or a degree in administrative services.

How to Find Administrative Assistant Jobs Near Home

There are various steps to consider when looking for an administrative assistant job.

It will be helpful to attend trade fairs and recognize potential companies offering your job type.

Go door to door. Visiting various offices will give you a wide range of job opportunities. You should go dropping resumes in various offices in case they have jobs open but have not advertised them yet.

Go online. When looking for an administrative assistant job, you should post a resume online and visit various websites posting various jobs online.

The following are distinguished websites that will help you choose an administrative assistant job that is near your home. – Career Builder is among the most trusted websites offering administrative assistant jobs and advice. There is a slot where you post a job title, and then you can filter for your home area. Through this site, you can upload a resume where thousands of organizations have access, and then when a vacancy arises, you may be contacted. – Monster provides job listings, locations, and organizations. It has incorporated more than a thousand companies, therefore promoting more chances of getting an administrative assistant job. – Indeed provides job listings from various corporations, associations, and newspapers. Through this site, you can save your search and receive email alerts in case a job arises that meets your selected preferences.

Government Sites & Programs

Search the following websites if you are in need of work as an administrative assistant within government corporations.

In the US, visit the official website providing various career opportunities.

In the UK, you can direct to, where opportunities are listed on the Find a job link that are legit.

Canada’s residents can avail of resources listed at

Australia has a government-provided job search service at the website

South Africa also has resources at their official government website


Landing an administrative assistant job near your home should not be difficult following the above tips and readiness plans. If your dream is to work as an administrative assistant, follow the above steps and use the resources to your advantage!