HVAC Foreman Resume Samples – 7 Best Examples!

The main responsibility of the HVAC Foreman is to install various systems and introduce an assortment of frameworks. They must know how to install a refrigerator, air conditioner, and ventilators in the house network.

The other work duties mentioned in the resume of the HVAC Foreman are to plan the work, arrange the workers, supervise the mechanics, manage repairing work, ensuring maintenance, guaranteeing framework upkeep and make an estimate of regular services.

The skills showcased in the resume of the HVAC Foreman are technical expertise, specialized aptitude, mechanical maintenance knowledge, diagram designing, blueprint reading, diagnosing abilities and awareness of safety measures. Most HVAC Foreman have finished the courses of a professional school and are trained in various system installations.

HVAC Foreman

HVAC Foreman Resume Sample


Rob Wilson

HVAC Foreman

743 Xyz Abc Road.
Chicago, IL – xxxxx

Email: email@example.com | Home: xxx-xxx-xxxx | Mobile: xxx-xxx-xxxx

Professional Summary

Results-oriented self-starter with experience in Construction Management. Documented record of highly developed management, supervisory, and training skills. Proven commitment to team-building, demonstrated by the ability to lead and motivate various staffs to perform at top efficiency levels. Totally committed to excellence.

Work Experience

1) HVAC Mechanic

ABC Corp. – Reston, VA

September 2016 to Present

  • Install, Maintain, and Repair A/C units from 5 ton to 20 ton.
  • Conduct on-site inspection.
  • Conduct Preventative maintenance cleaning and inspections as well as proper documentation of any deficiencies.


2) HVAC Foreman

XYZ Group – Virginia

July 2016 to December 2016

  • Procure, and order replacement parts for A/C units.
  • Create and maintain a working Preventative Maintenance Schedule.
  • Monitor and adjust working A/C units using the BMS Monitoring System.
  • Troubleshoot and maintain A/C units from 5 ton to 80 ton.
  • Maintained and observed and calibrated chillers.
  • Generate work and service orders.


3) HVAC Foreman

ABC Corp. – Reston, VA

July 2012 to July 2013

  • Install, Maintain, and Repair A/C units from ½ to 80 tons.
  • Completed and Created Service Orders.
  • Maintained and completed preventive maintenance schedule.
  • Repaired, and serviced small appliance equipment (washers, dryers, refrigerators).
  • Universal EPA Certification.
  • Maintain clean work area.

Educational Qualification

Associate in Occupational Studies HVAC

ABC Institute

2006 to 2007

Skills and Strengths

  • OSHA regulatory compliance.
  • PEC Certification.
  • Dependable independent worker.
  • Troubleshooting and repair.
  • Blueprint reading.
  • Good mechanical aptitude.
  • Able to follow direction.
  • Good organization skills.

— References Available upon Request —




Properly writing roles, responsibilities, and skills in HVAC Foreman’s Resume is very important. It is because the employer or the recruiter will check them to judge your capabilities. Mostly, the points of the job duties performed will come under the section of work experience in the HVAC Foreman’s Resume. Whereas you can mention your skills within the skill section. The other key or highlighting points can be noted separately.

To get the job, making an accurate resume having precise points is necessary. Hence, here are few shorter examples which will give you a better idea about how to write roles, responsibilities, skills and work experience in the resume for the position of HVAC Foreman.

From our resume database, I have gathered few examples. These resumes are selected on basis of different location and experience level. These HVAC Foreman Resume samples of professionals will give you provide with a hint when you are writing your resume. You can change the points according to your location and experience level.

Check these HVAC Foreman resume samples. I hope you will find something interesting and valuable from these examples.


Few More HVAC Foreman Resume Sample:


Example 1:


HVAC Foreman

Location – Vacaville, CA

Experience – 9 Years

  • Residential Ducting.
  • Unit Installation.
  • Follow defined installation procedures for HVAC/R equipment according to company instructions/policy, manufacturer installation instructions.
  • Complete installations while maintaining quality.
  • Start-up new equipment and verify correct operation.
  • Clean equipment/work area at the end of every workday.
  • Ensure complete customer satisfaction upon completion of work.
  • Service of Existing Residential Systems.
  • Zoning Systems.
  • Mini Split Systems.
  • Clean Room.
  • Traditional Split Systems.
  • Light Commercial.



Skilled and dedicated General Contractor specializing in HVAC, Residential Duct, Zone Systems, VRF, Mini Split Systems, Traditional Split, Servicing Systems, Light Commercial, Package Units, Building Trades, Clean Rooms, Home Remodel, Finish Carpentry, Window & Door Installation, Dry Rot Repair, Drywall, Electrical, and Rough & Finish Framing.



Example 2:


HVAC Foreman

Location – Montgomery, PA

Experience – 4 Years

  • Installing heating and cooling equipment in commercial and industrial settings such as factories, hotels, and libraries.
  • Ordering materials to complete jobs in a timely manner and attended job meetings.
  • Scheduled inspections when needed.
  • Fabrication and construction of ductwork in sheet metal shop.
  • Provide technical information to other technicians in methods which are easily understood.
  • Review and evaluate policies to have recommended changes which were accepted by Management without changes.
  • Provide technical information to other technicians in methods which are easily understood. Assist in improving methods of operation with management officials.



Example 3:


HVAC Technician

Location – Bronx, NY

Experience – 5 Years

  • Highly skilled and safety conscious technician with technical acumen and experience managing and prioritizing large volumes of work orders for commercial and residential properties.


  • Perform routine and preventive maintenance as needed for the purpose of ensuring the ongoing functioning of HVAC systems.
  • Manage HVAC systems on commercial buildings, high-rise complexes, and residential structures for40hrs a week for a total of 320 man-hours.
  • Diagnose causes of problems and/or failures in heating/air conditioning systems for the purpose of identifying equipment and/or systems repair and/or replacement needs.
  • Install heating and air conditioning equipment and systems for the purpose of providing enhanced and/or upgraded capabilities.
  • Utilize automated systems to evaluate system failures.
  • Prepare written materials which include cost estimates, repair status, and service logs for the purpose of documenting activities and/or conveying information.
  • Work with other technicians to complete assignments and meet deadlines.



Example 4:


HVAC Foreman

Location – Concord, CA

Experience – 4 Years

  • Service of Existing Residential Systems.
  • Zoning Systems.
  • Perform installation work for HVAC/R equipment, duct systems, fittings, and grilles/registers/diffusers.
  • Follow up with installers to ensure plans are properly followed and the best crews are assigned to each job.
  • Communicate and schedule the scope of work to installers; orders and ensures materials/equipment/subcontractors are delivered on time; permits/inspections/quality walkthroughs are scheduled and completed.
  • Mini Split Systems.
  • Attend job site meetings to ensure on-time job/project completion and reports any changes.
  • Traditional Split Systems.
  • Light Commercial.
  • Package Units.
  • Start-up new equipment and verify correct operation.
  • Building Trades.
  • Clean Room.



Example 5:


HVAC Foreman

Location – Atlanta, GA

Experience – 3 Years

  • Responsible for maintaining the physical security of the institution through installation, maintenance & repairs of an array of HVAC systems. Those systems include, but not limited to commercial chillers, coolers, freezers, water cooled and water heated air handlers, and exhaust fans.


  • Direct the activities of the department in the absence of the Facilities Manager and/or General Foreman.
  • Identify specific requirements for facilities, material, manpower, funding and technical services required to support the assigned program/project in addition to the schedule and organized work assignments.
  • Evaluated specifications and blueprints to ensure building codes and regulations were met for projects. This includes monitoring the progress of activities and on-site evaluations and performing post inspections for projects.
  • Completed monthly evaluations and management of inmate pay and performance evaluations.
  • Administer purchase orders and reconcile credit card to comply with BOP policy.
  • Present facilities department orientation in addition to OSHA safety training.
  • Conducting surveillance activities over construction and maintenance operations performed by a variety of private contractors, informing contractors of construction and reporting requirements, and supervising operations for conformance with project plans.
  • Trained by facility manager in fund controlling purchase request-based priority and existing budget for the facility department.
  • During periods of staff shortage, I have assisted in accomplishing the facilities department mission by supervising other shops including power plant operations, plumbing, electrical, and general maintenance.
  • Supervise inmate workers involved in the new construction, rehabilitation, repair and maintenance of the USP and satellite camps heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.



Example 6:


HVAC Foreman (Commercial)

Location – Chicago, IL

Experience – 4 Years

  • Read and interpret Building Blueprints.
  • Coordinate scheduling.
  • Lead crew members through entire project scope.
  • SCS representative for walkthru’s etc.
  • Repair/replace system components (ductwork, piping, controls etc.)
  • Low volt wiring for control systems and building automation.
  • System Startup.
  • Doing plumbing related work.
  • Coordinate scheduling.
  • Install duct.
  • Set curbs and units.
  • Organize and run an installation crew.
  • “Finish work” grills, exterior louvers, roof caps, etc.



Example 7:


HVAC Foreman

Location – New York, NY

Experience – 2 Years

  • Responsible for all department functions and government compliance.
  • Scheduled all jobs including preventive maintenance and work orders.
  • Worked with site management to solve all client comfort issues.
  • Directly communicated with ACO and procurement to get all refrigeration and HVAC parts and equipment needed to support the mission.
  • Conducted safety training and enforcement.
  • Monitored all work orders and records to comply with all government requirements.
  • Used hands-on training methods to help new employees acclimate to and understand the functions of military issue HVAC and refrigeration equipment.
  • Trained and assisted soldiers on maintenance and operation of the equipment.



These are some sample Resumes/CV of HVAC Foreman. With the help of these examples, you can create a well-crafted resume yourself. You can select any of the lines/sentences from these all examples. Combine them, edit them and use them to make an effective resume. These resume samples can help you decide what experience and accomplishments to include your resume. It also guides for the proper highlighting points.

There are more than 9000 active jobs for the position of HVAC Foreman in the USA. Find the job suitable to you and start applying with your fresh and updated HVAC Foreman resume and improve your chances of getting the job.


Hope you got the information you were seeking for.

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