Fun Things To Do Inside With Kids When You Have To Work from Home

Balancing working from home and keeping your kids engaged can be really tedious. Often times, parents are stuck wondering what it is they can do with their kids. Truth is, most of our kids are not born with the knowledge of how to entertain themselves.

Every child would love to have a daily menu of fun activities at home. As a parent, you need to step up and guide your children, encourage them, and also train them. With time, it becomes less of a task on your part and becomes part of the routine for the kids.

If you are the parent who keeps wondering how they can engage in with their children then this is the right post for you. We have done the hard work and searched for some fun and exciting activities you can engage in with your children while at home. 

fun things


If you have children from preschool years and above, then this will be fun for them. You can choose projects that require cutting and coloring.

If your children are old enough, then you do not need to monitor them. However, if they are still young, they might need your helping hand. Cut papers together, paint, color objects. Keep it simple and fun, and the kids will love it.


Perhaps your children have already expressed interest in reading. If so, then this is even the best opportunity to bring in more books, magazines, and whatever you can get your hands on. The good news is, there is a vast collection that can engage all ages and levels.

Also, if you have children who are beginners, it’s essential to help them out instead of leaving them to do it on their own. You can also opt for audiobooks which is another great option too.

To instill the love for reading, allow your children to choose the kind of books they like. You can also pick a few, in case they get bored with their collection. Having a variety helps your children not get bored with reading the same thing every day.

Having a kindle or tablet is not bad but going the old fashioned way encourages more concentration. You might also set a reading challenge where you get your kids hit those books.

Educational Games

If you have a computer or tablet, you might consider installing some educational games which will both impart their learning and entertain them at the same time. Such games usually keep children engaged, thus kicking boredom out and allowing time for yourself.

However, you might consider setting a limit since kids have a hard time disengaging from such activities. Also, remember too much time on the screen for kids is not healthy.


Whereas this might sound like a cliché, in reality, having toys in the house can keep your little ones engaged. Kids tend to get bored with the same kind of toys, so consider rotating toys in and out.

Consider buying toys such as trains, cards, board games, playsets, and puzzles to keep your children engaged for some time. If you have some time on your hands, you can help them. Alternatively, if you don’t, then let them have fun on their own.

Playing Outdoors

There are several activities your children can engage in outdoors such as football, volleyball, skipping rope and so on. Also, the type of games you engage in depends on your home’s set up.

If you have some shade, take your laptop with you outside as you watch your children go about their games.

fun things

Bottom Line

Balancing work and taking care of your children can be quite tricky. It takes a bit of practice to really get the hang out it. If you are in such a situation, hopefully, these tips will keep you and your kids engaged throughout your time at home.