The Best Part-Time Jobs for College Students

Besides looking for good grades, college students are also looking for part-time jobs. College is ever more expensive as the years pass, and you’ve got to start chipping away at those student loans sooner rather than later.

These part-time jobs come in handy to either support them while in school or pay for their studies. However, finding a job that suits your schedule can be a hard nut to crack.

Whatever the case, a perfect college part-time job is supposed to offer flexible hours to enable you to concentrate on your studies. We have rounded up a few job options for you; click through and see if you can give any of these jobs that old college try.

part-time jobs for college students


Here, you will be working and taking care of kids. Babysitters typically work over the weekend or at night when parents are out, allowing you time to attend classes.

You can even get a babysitting job during the day when parents are at work. There are daycare centers that are always taking on nannies. Doing this kind of job, expect to make at least $13.79 per hour.

Online Tutor

Thanks to technology, today, many tutors are able to deliver lessons online. For instance, online companies such as VIPkid, I Tutor, and SayABC are always looking out for proficient English tutors. Other companies will take on tutors for different subjects such as French, Math, Accounting, plus other subjects.

To be eligible, you need a high school diploma, a computer, and a high-speed Internet connection. Depending on the company you are working for, expect to make up to $20 per hour.


Most writing jobs are pay-per-post kind of gigs. If you are good with words, this might be the best part-time job for you. The beauty with writing jobs is that they can be done remotely, meaning you can even write while in your lecture room. Furthermore, you can write as many articles as your schedule allows.

You can write articles in fashion, technology, health, and sports, and you can write for magazines, websites, and other blogs. Since payment depends on the kind of articles and which publications you are writing for, you can make up to $30 per hour.


If you are a very active and energetic person, this might be the best job for you. This is because bartenders work in fast-paced environments, taking and serving drinks, helping waiters and waitresses mix cocktails for clients. To qualify, you need to be at least 18 years old or above.

Depending on the bar and factoring in tips, expect to make about $20 per hour.
Reach out to that bar in your neighborhood and ask if they have any openings. You might be lucky to get a job near home, which will save you on transportation costs.


This is another part-time job common among college students. It is flexible, and you can choose how many jobs you can commit to working in a day.

Working as a waiter or waitress goes beyond taking orders and serving; it is a platform to learn skills such as communication skills and learning how to work under pressure, which can be helpful once you land your dream job. With this job, you will earn up to $20 per hour, usually factoring in tips.


Instead of sleeping all day or watching movies, why not use that free time between classes to make that extra dollar? There are millions of students working more than 30 hours a week and still excelling in their classes. So, you can too! For more career advice and other tips, click here!