Best Jobs for Car Lovers

If you find yourself in the category of “car lovers“, this means your love goes beyond just driving. You love the craftsmanship, color, size, shape, and all the engineering that goes into these vehicles.

The good news is, your passion does not have to be limited by what you see on the screen or merely admiring cars; it can earn you a great career.

According to Payscale, here are the top 5 jobs that can help you turn your love for cars into a career earning you decent pay. Read along with me.

Jobs for Car Lovers

Car Racing

Yes, car racing can be turned into a career. Most people who like to have fun and make money at the same time go for these kinds of jobs. However, to get started, you need to go through practice.

Also, payment depends on whether you win or not, as it is usually competition based. Car race drivers do not receive any standard salary; you have to participate to earn. Also, you might have to take out lots of insurance, as there are many risks involved, such as accidents.

Car Rental Agent

From road trippers to travelers and other vacationers, people often rent a lot of cars. Your job as a car rental agent is to help customers get a car of their choice, help with legal documentation, and answer whatever questions they might have.

The good news is that you do not need any formal kind of education to get started. However, you will need a valid driving license, a clean driving record, and knowledge of cars. Expect to make about $11 per hour.

Tow Truck Driver

You have probably seen them on the road towing damaged cars. What you will have to do is show up in emergencies to tow damaged vehicles and take them to a garage for repairs.

You do not need any formal education to start working as a tow truck driver. You only need a valid driving license, and your truck must be in a stable condition. With this kind of job, expect to make about $30,389 per year.

Car Inspector

If a car is making weird sounds and not performing as it should, that’s when you come in to inspect and identify what the issue is. You will also have to rule out whether the car needs repairs or not. If it does, what repairs are needed? You will have to state that clearly. After repairing the vehicle, also test the car and find out if it’s fit to be on the road.

To qualify, you need at least a bachelor’s degree or diploma in a related field, and you will also receive on-the-job training. Knowledge of car parts and the service standard is an added advantage. Expect to earn $13 per hour.

Vehicle Detailer

Cars get dirty every day, and it is your duty as a detailer to clean them. You will have to carefully clean the interiors and exteriors, wheels, windows, and any other dirty parts of the car.

You do not need a degree to start, but you will receive on-the-job training to take you through what is expected of you and the different cleaning products such as detergents, polishes, and waxes. You will make around $32,137 per year.


While not everyone can have that Top Gear show airing, here are several ways you can still enjoy a rewarding career in the automotive world. Whether its to work as a mechanic or in that Ford office, there are several jobs to consider.