5 Unusual Jobs That Pay Insanely Well

Most people tend to overlook specific and unusual jobs thinking they don’t pay well, but they are wrong. You meet doctors, pilots, lawyers, etc., but how many certified hackers or crime scene cleaners have you met?

I’m guessing that you might have never thought that there are people out there who are paid well to clean crime scenes and do other odd jobs. Well, you were wrong.

This article brings you five unusual jobs that pay well. Get ready because these are not the ordinary kind of jobs you will hear being mentioned at your next dinner party.

odd jobs that pay well
Odd jobs that pay surprisingly well.


First of all, an embalmer is a person who comes in to clean the bodies of dead people. You have to be a trained professional to do this kind of job, which involves removing blood stains, covering any openings, and sometimes applying makeup to disguise any damage on the body.

If you are not emotionally prepared, this job can be a challenge. To be eligible, you need to complete a mortuary science course or any other related course and get a license before you begin working. Expect to earn around $44,250 per year.

Crime Scene Cleaner

These people usually go to crime scenes, such as homicides, suicides, and accidents to clean up these places after the police have finished with investigations. Be warned, however, that this job is not for the faint-hearted because you will see things that are not pleasant to look at.

You do not need any formal education to get started. However, you will receive some kind of on-job training to orient you with different safety precautions, standards, and procedures that you should uphold. Whereas most people find this work ‘hard,’ it can earn you a decent paycheck. Expect to make around $75,840 per year.

Portable Toilet Route Driver

Workers usually carry portable service toilets wherever they are needed, such as concerts, sports events, or even construction sites. You must be physically fit to do this kind of work, as you will have to lift up to 80 pounds as you climb in and out of the truck several times. Such workers usually earn $16.24 per hour, though some positions pay as high as $29.85 per hour.

If you are lucky to work with employers such as John on the Spotyou will get several benefits, such as life insurance, medical and dental insurance, profit sharing, paid vacations, and so much more.

Cruise Ship Entertainer

There are several job opportunities for people in the performing arts. These range from acting, voice over, singing in coffee houses, or dancing. You can also work as a ship entertainer.

Most of these jobs are competitive because of the numerous benefits that come with them. You need to be flexible and an excellent performer to go through the auditions. Salaries vary, and according to Indeed, Warshaw Entertainment pays cruise ship entertainers $6,000 per month.


This job requires creativity, skills, and attention to detail, combined to craft a piece of machinery. There is a lot that goes on to complete such projects. Are you well versed with routers, saws, and sanders to craft items?

You will be tasked to make furniture, cabinets, and other things using different materials like veneers and laminates. You need at least a high school diploma or any other related course. This career has the potential to give you a steady income. You will earn about $49,230 per year. 


Finding a doable career with a generous income can be quite difficult in today’s job market. However, doing some research on less common and more unusual jobs could potentially lead to a rewarding and well-paying career ahead of you!