5 Jobs Machines Are Looking to Steal From Humans

With the high rate of unemployment, have you paused to ask where we’ll be in the next 20 years? Have you considered the part machines will play in the job market?

Unfortunately, even the few jobs we are hanging on to might be taken by robotics before we know it. This might come off as disheartening, especially to our young girls or boys who are working hard to earn degrees; they better get ready for a rude awakening.

The question as to whether machines are a threat to our jobs is no longer debatable; it is black and white. Office workers who perform repetitive tasks such as accounting, bookkeeping, and writing reports are quickly being replaced. So, what other jobs are machines stealing from us? Let’s find out.



Have you heard of driverless vehicle technology? Well, the Waymo company already started plans for testing self-driving trucks, which means your driving job will soon be phased out of the job market.

These driverless trucks use the same artificial intelligence as the ones that run their other driverless cars in Arizona. Whereas this driverless kind of technology is just coming up, reports show that in the next 20 years, more than 29,000 truck driving jobs will be no more.

Customer Care Service Jobs

If you have called your phone provider or bank recently, you must have been answered by an automated customer service representative. Of course, these automated systems later transfer you to a real human, but very soon, this will also phase out.

Early this year, Google introduced Duplex, an Al bot that can make phone calls on behalf of human beings and set appointments, all with the same tone, pauses, and voice like that of a human being. With this kind of trend, most customer care jobs are at risk of being phased out.

Courier Services

In a few years to come, your delivery boy will run out of business. Robotics and drones are slowly taking over these jobs. Studies show that right now, expectancy takeover is at 5%, but it is only a question of time before this kind of job will be fully automated.

Editors and Proofreaders

If you check most blogging websites, you will realize that most of them use proofreading applications. In the next few years, even the few human proofreaders available will be pushed out of business by robotics.

There are self-checking applications such as Grammarly and Turnitin that not only check grammatical errors but also correct sentence structure and check plagiarism as well.

Accountants and Bookkeepers

There is no doubt; computer devices are better off handling finances and accounting compared to human beings. Most business organizations have already embraced the new trend and automated their accounting systems. This means that these companies will no longer need an accountant to track the company’s records.

Security Guards

It’s impressive how far AI has gone with technology. It is common nowadays to find facial recognition systems, voice recognition, and movement detectors. With such technology in place, who still wants a security guard? As if that is not enough, everything nowadays can be monitored on your smartphone, even when you are miles away from your premises.


We cannot neglect the impact technology has had on human beings. Some folks still fear this might bring drastic consequences to humanity. Who knows whether we will have any jobs to do? Well, we can only keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.