The Best Career Move for Your Personality Type

Is it possible that there’s a better career move that you need to make to enjoy your day to day job?

Most people have the qualifications for various jobs, but they do not feel as if the job fits their personality. In addition to applying for jobs based on skills and experiences, it’s vital to do jobs based on your personality.

Working in a career that best fits your personality gives you the confidence and determination to give it your best and try to make new recommendations. It’s difficult to understand the job that fits your personality. Myers Briggs formulated a type indicator that categorizes your personality to a given career line. Read on to learn more.

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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

The test of your personality group and category is based entirely on your thinking and actions. The tests are available online, and after comparing all your behaviors and thinking tendencies, you will have a clearer understanding of your personality.

After extensive research, 16 types of personalities are derived all in acronyms. The personality is based on your preferences and in terms of the following.

  • Introversion versus extroversion
  • Sensing versus intuition
  • Judging versus perceiving
  • Thinking versus feeling

For you to fully understand the career category you fall into, you must test based on all the above perceptions. According to Myers-Briggs, below are the careers and the people’s personalities and perceptions.


This category includes mechanics, general managers, accountants, and financial advisors. If your personality involves desires for all logical and practical, you fall under this career line. People working in this career line tend to gravitate to structure, systems, and real strategies to identify and formulate solutions.


They have a desire to help and serve other people. The job samples include childcare director, surveyor, dental assistant, and a social worker. Based on the Myers-Briggs results, this category includes people with ESFJ, ISFP, ISFJ, and ESFP.


This personality type includes people who love taking credit for inventions and unique contributions. The job samples include lawyers, psychiatrists, engineers, software developers, and entrepreneurs. You will fit well in these jobs if you are innovative and inventive.


It is a group of people with a personality that involves the ability to improve other people’s lives and statuses, as well as the commitment to creating a better world. The jobs include teacher, writer, preschool teacher, and animator. This personality is based on truity, and thus, you will fit best if your need and urge are creating happiness for others.

There are benefits of using the Myers-Briggs online personality inventory, as it provides feedback within an hour. This system provided by the Center for Applications of Psychological Type and is accurate, as it combines the values, interests, and truity.


Seeking a job and making a career move is not just about the qualifications but also the personality. Conduct a test on your aptitudes, values, and interests to understand the best career for you. Scholars such as Myers-Briggs 12 allow professions to use their self-assessment tests to understand their personality.

Other factors lead to choosing the line of work, including salary, education, job market, and the economic growth of the country. After understanding your personality, seeking a job that you will never regret is straightforward.