Best Jobs for Lazy People

Have you ever wished to get a job outside of the 9 to 5 world that comes with less stress and decent pay?

Well, whereas this might sound like a dream, some people have made it a reality, and the good news is that you, too, can jump on the bandwagon. Yes, it is possible to get a job that allows you to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle.

We have compiled for you a list of some of the available jobs for lazy people like you. Read along to learn more.

Lazy People

Professional Cuddler

If you are the kind of person who likes cuddling, this might be the perfect job for you. As a professional cuddler, you get paid to give people a good cuddle for as long as they want.

The good news is, you get to stay in your pajamas all day and get paid for it. This job pays well; depending on where you are working, expect to earn up to $80 per day. How cool is that?

Hotel Tester

How does the idea of lying in a fancy hotel all day, watching your favorite movies, and testing its facilities sound? If you like the idea, this kind of job is right up your alley! Your duties will be to inspect hotels with X-ray vision and in return, write a detailed report about your findings and suggestions at the end of the report. If this sounds like a good plan, expect to earn about $120 per day.

Video Game Tester

If you are the kind of person who prefers to stay at home and enjoy your video games, you might as well turn that passion into a money-making venture by becoming a video game tester. You will have to test video games and identify any glitches that might need to be fixed before they are released to the market. This job usually pays up to $14 per hour.

Professional Binge Watcher

This is one of the best jobs for lazybones, especially those who like staying home all day watching movies. For instance, Netflix usually hires people to watch different movies and shows and in turn, write short descriptions about what they have watched. You are also supposed to add them to an appropriate genre and category.

The pay for this kind of job is unknown, but be sure to check with certain games’ websites for more information concerning the payment.


If you are fluent in more than one language, there are so many companies that are usually looking out for translators to take on some tasks. All you need is a laptop, a stable Internet connection, and proper grammar; you will get paid to sit in your pajamas translating documents into other languages. Translating jobs usually pay up to $22 per hour.

Professional Apologizer

As funny as it sounds, people get paid to apologize on behalf of others, especially in Japan. If you do not mind saying sorry and are good with words, you can get hired to say sorry on behalf of someone else. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it comes with a handsome paycheck. With this kind of job, expect to earn about $60,000 per year.


Many lazy people have jumped onto the vlogging bandwagon, and so can you. All you have to do is make some easy-to-watch videos, be consistent, get a big following, and earn some decent pay in return.

If you have some excellent video editing skills, that’s all the better, but do not worry, as all this can be learned on the job. Find a niche and your target audience, and always upload content that meets their needs. YouTube usually pays about $7.6 per 1,000 views.

There you have it, folks. Instead of sleeping all day and watching movies, why not look for a job that will suit your conditions? There is good news for lazy people; you can get a job, earn decent pay, and still live your life.