Tech for Good: Find Jobs That Make a Difference

One of the primary motives of our life is to secure a well-rewarding job. And in an endeavor to achieve it, we indulge ourselves in acquiring the required degrees and honing our skill sets in our areas of interest.

However, finding a job is usually not as easy as it seems, especially in the current global economic scenario. Moreover, the difficulty levels increase if you are scouting for a job that not only improves your quality of life but also makes a difference in society.

Fret not, there are several job search portals that aim to bridge the gap between potential employees and employers. However, Tech for Good is a unique community which connects you to employers who care about bringing a positive change in the society.

Tech for Good: Find Jobs That Make a Difference

About Tech For Good

Tech for Good was founded in 2014 by Cassie Robinson, Abby Schlageter, and Beatrice Pembroke. Initially, it was named Tech for Good TV as it was set up with the intention of being a film company that propagated the idea of creating an impact through technology.

However, the founders realized that the platform could be effectively used to serve a greater, more ambitious purpose. The diverse advancements in technology could be leveraged to solve crucial social and environmental challenges that plague the world.

Therefore, the governing rationale was to grow as a global movement that generates awareness about better products and services that create a difference. Moreover, it aimed at connecting passionate individuals who are striving to work towards the same.

Available Job Opportunities

You would be thrilled to know that there is a wide range of job profiles available across myriad sectors on the website. These job opportunities cater to individuals possessing a variety of skill sets and the will to utilize them to make a difference.

Some of the popular job options that you can look to explore through Tech for Good include product design, UI/UX developer, software engineer, and marketing management. Other non-technical opportunities include that of a dietician, fitness instructor, and health coach.

Furthermore, these promising opportunities are proffered by some of the leading organizations across a wide assortment of industries. These include exciting health start-ups like Second Nature and top-shot technology companies such as Chatterbox and Earwig.

How to Apply

Tech for Good recognizes the fact that the entire process of job application can be tedious as well as intimidating for the potential employees. Therefore, it has devised an easy-to-use portal that connects applicants directly to the respective employers.

When you visit the designated online portal of Tech for Jobs, you will be directed to the jobs dashboard wherein several employers have posted updates about openings in their company. Click on the job update that best suits your profile and catches your interest.

In doing so, you will be led to a partner website that will provide you further details about the job profile. You can go through all details before clicking on the Apply Now button to initiate your application process. Thereafter, you will have to fill in the required information.

How to Post a Job Opening

If you are an organization seeking the best talents in the industry that demonstrate a zeal to bring about a change, then you can post your job openings on this platform. You can add your job to the dashboard by clicking on the Let’s go tab at the bottom of the webpage.

This will redirect you to a Google Form wherein you will have to fill in some important details. These include information regarding your company, the job profile, and the deadline to apply for the job. Click on Submit once you are done, and your post will be updated on the dashboard.

Tech for Good: Find Jobs That Make a Difference


If you are eager to make a difference in the world as we know it while pursuing your dream job, then you can look to explore the options available on Tech for Good.