5 Exciting Jobs For Music Lovers

If you continuously find yourself humming to the latest songs and enjoy going to concerts, then you might as well consider a career in the music industry. Being a musician is not the only path available to those who love music. In fact, you can have a variety of different jobs.

Of course, you could be in a band or create the soundtracks for movies, but here are other, more obtainable jobs as well. Imagine a day at work where you can to work with, or on, the thing you love most – music! Many of these jobs are well within your reach.

To learn more about careers in the music industry, continue reading. The music-related business can always use more music savvy individuals.


1. Music Producer

Certain musicians prefer to produce their songs from start to end. However, many prefer to have a producer on board. So, many successful producers have made it in this industry. For instance, the late Sir George Martin helped many artists make amazing hits.

To get started, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in a related field. Depending on your experience and clientele, you can expect to earn at least $49,000 or more.

2. Songwriter

The songs that we always admire and hum to were once just an idea in someone’s head. If you have a knack for writing, you could combine this with your love for music and become a songwriter. As a professional songwriter, you will write the lyrics that make a song stand out.

The excellent news with becoming a songwriter is that you do not need any form of qualification to get started. All you need is creativity and you will be good to go. Songwriters usually earn about $40,000. However, payment is highly dependent on the song’s success.

3. Music Journalist

This is another excellent career to consider if you have a passion for writing and music. You will be attending musical shows, conferences, and other gigs while gathering information for readers. This can be an exciting job that pays you to attend concerts and stay up-to-date on the music industry.

This is, of course, one of the most competitive professions. To break into their field, you could start as an intern in a local magazine or newspaper. Doing this kind of job you can expect to earn about $22,500. Again, this depends on the publication you work for. With more experience, you will often be compensated accordingly.

4. Music Therapist

As a music therapist, you will work alongside patients and help them relieve their pain, anxiety, stress, etc. through music. You have to follow your client’s music and find out precisely what their needs are and then come up with songs that pique their interests.

However, to get started, you will need a degree in psychology. Plus of course, a passion for music and musical background are highly recommended. You will earn about $50,000 per year doing this job.

5. Singer

This, of course, goes without saying; if you have a passion for music, you might as well consider becoming a singer. If you have great vocals and enjoy being the star of the show, why not turn this into a money-making venture. Follow your dreams, and you will never regret your decision. For starters, record yourself and upload on the video on YouTube or apply to be part of a talent show. The amount you earn as a singer will depend on the size of the following and notoriety you gain. 

The Bottom Line

Some people think finding a career in music is tricky, but that is just hearsay. Make the right connections, put your name out there, and you will be a step away from enjoying a career of your dreams. If you don’t have any musical talent yourself, you can also consider being a tour manager.