Tips On How To Write The Perfect Acceptance Letter

You have probably perfected your CV, aced that interview, and now the long-awaited email has finally come in, you got the job! First of all, congratulations! The joy that comes with reading such emails is just unexplainable. Now, you must be wondering, what next?

The next step is to write a letter formally accepting the role you have been offered. As you are just starting out with a new job, it is important to portray yourself well. That means writing a professional and well put together acceptance letter.

If you are nervous about this writing this or not sure exactly what an acceptance letter should look like, we are here to help! Continue reading to learn about our tips for writing the perfect acceptance letter. 

Acceptance Letter

Be Professional

Be sure to follow professional guidelines. If they need any documents from you, accompany them with a printed formal letter. If you got the job via phone, send an official email as well. Keep in mind that your new bosses are still creating a lasting impression of you. Avoid using emojis and short forms in your acceptance letter.

Remember To Thank Them

Thank your new boss, and make it clear in your email. You can use words such as “I am delighted to accept the job offer”. This will show how excited you are about your role. You might also consider noting how the interviewer(s) made you feel comfortable during your interview. This is another thoughtful gesture that will create a positive impression about you.

Discuss Every Detail That Is Not Clear

This is an opportunity to confirm with your employer any details that might not be clear regarding your employment, for instance, your position, salary, start date, and your department. You might have to summarize and state the facts about your job in the letter; this will help you avoid any nasty surprises down the road.

Furthermore, if you have any questions ask them in your letter. Also, if you want to know more about your role to prepare and research ahead, you might as well state that in your letter as well. Showing interest in the details of your role will give a good impression.

Mention Any Special Considerations

You may have a pre-booked vacation or doctor’s appointment that you arranged a month ago; state those commitments in your letter. In most cases, if managers are looking for someone to start working immediately, they will ask this question during the interview, if they don’t, be sure to state it during in your letter.

Edit And Proofread

You want to avoid any errors in your letter. After writing your job acceptance letter, double-check and edit where necessary before you print or send it. The last thing you want is to have spelling and grammar errors during your initial communications. Check whether all your information is up-to-date, and don’t forget to attach all the necessary documents.

Final Thoughts

Remember to address the correct department. If you are sending a printed letter, seal it in a beautiful envelope. If you can, hand in the letter yourself either at the reception or to the manager in question. And now, you can relax and celebrate your new job.