Top 5 Freelance Websites You Didn’t Know Existed

For most people, a freelance job is a dream come true. This is because you can say goodbye to everyday commutes, choose your working hours, you will not worry about that nagging boss looming over your shoulders. Being a freelancer gives you a degree of flexibility that many other jobs do not.

Many freelancers choose to utilize thrid-party websites that connect them to available jobs and potential clients. This cuts down on the amount of time they have to spend searching for work. In addition, most websites also offer mediation and payment protection services.

If you already do freelance work, you probably know about several of the aforementioned websites. However, there are probably still some freelancing websites that you have never heard of. To expand your job prospects, check out these often unknown websites.


Just like the name suggests, this is a freelancing website created specifically for designers. It deals with things such as book covers, logo designs, and brand guides. If you are creative and looking for ways to use in your skills, this is the right place to be. You can either work directly with a client or submit proposals through contests; the choice is yours. Furthermore, the site categorizes people according to their expertise, starting from entry-level to expert.


CloudPeeps is a website that focuses on social media and marketing. However, it only takes experienced freelancers. Meaning, if you are still learning the ropes of this industry, you might not be accepted here. The good news is that once you have set your foot on the site, it’s easier to land high-end clients that pay well, such as Lyft, Zappos, and L’Oréal.


If you are a freelancer who focuses on media, this site might be the right fit for you. This site has lots of helpful resources and courses that will help you sharpen your skills in the media fraternity. There is an option to become an unlimited member, which means you will have access to several freelance tools, events, and discounts. What’s more, you also get to choose from the listings available within your skills.

The Creative Group

The Creative Group is part of the staffing agency, Robert Half, and helps freelancers get work in the areas of copywriting, marketing, photography, and so on. To find jobs on this site, filter through the available options, and search either part-time or full-time jobs that will pique your interest.

Furthermore, if you want to sharpen your resume before submitting it, there is an option where they check your application to see if its fit to be submitted to a potential client.

We Work Remotely

This site boasts the most significant number of remote work options. Once you are on this site, browse through the available options available. Whether part-time or full-time, this site has something for everyone.

Once you subscribe, you will also be able to receive daily listings in your email, meaning you will never miss a job posting. They also host meetups and networking events to help freelancers network with like-minded people.

Final Thoughts

As a freelancer, there are a lot of websites available for you to take advantage of. With the increase in technology, and many companies choosing to outsource their work to independent contractors, finding a remote job has never been easier. Regardless of your niche, expertise, or professional goals, there is a site for every freelancer.