Best Therapist Jobs in the World

You have probably already made up your mind on which career to pursue, or you are still at a crossroads. If you are thinking of pursuing a career in therapy, you have made the perfect choice since this will be a platform for you to make the most of your skills and abilities as you make people’s lives better.

However, that is not all; there is more to just wanting to pursue this dream career, you will have to attain a degree in a related field, get the necessary licenses, and complete your internships. Whereas this might seem like an intense journey, the results are fulfilling. Likewise, if you are passionate about something like music or exercise, this will you get a perfect job.

Here are some of the different therapist jobs you can peruse; see which one will suit you.

therapist jobs

Speech Therapist

Also known as speech-language pathologists, speech therapists help treat and cure issues such as speech and swallowing in both children and adults. Most of these disorders are usually caused by a range of conditions, including accidents, cleft palate, brain injury, delay in developments, and so on.

As a speech therapist, your main role is to help patients in strengthening their muscles to improve their vocabulary and grammar skills. You will work alongside other physicians, physical therapists, doctors, and other surgeons. You will also have an option to specialize or not. This job comes with its challenges; however, it’s rewarding, and you should be able to earn about $47,860.

Physical Therapists

Not all therapy jobs focus on helping people with mental issues. For instance, if you have an illness or injury or you have any condition that requires exercise or stretching muscles, a physical therapist will step in to help you regain mobility and function.

They usually use stretching, physical exercise, physical manipulation of joints, limbs, plus muscles to help patients mitigate their pain. Physical therapists also help patients learn how to use wheelchairs and crutches. With this kind of job, you will earn about $87,930.

Massage Therapist

Likewise, massage therapists also help clients by stimulating their muscles and soft tissues to relieve them of pain, stress, and even heal injuries. Some prefer to work under someone, for instance; there are also hospitals, spas, and then others prefer to set up their parlors. Whatever the case, this is such a rewarding career, and you expect to earn about $41,420.

Music Therapist

Are you a music lover? If so, then you can combine your hobbies with a career and become a music therapist. The adage goes, music is food to the soul, and true to that, as a music therapist, you will help mentally ill patients get better by listening to their favorite songs that speak to their souls.

You will help reduce pain, assist autistic children in communicating lessons, and also help lessen dementia in older people. You should be able to earn about 47,860.

Marriage and Family Therapist

Whereas most therapist jobs only focus on individuals, marriage and family therapists focus only on couples and families alike. In case of any significant issues within families, it’s always marriage therapists who step in the gap to resolve them.

Just like with any other therapist carrier, to qualify, you must have a relevant degree or a master’s and several years of experience. You can choose to either work under someone or an organization or set up your counseling center. Doing this kind of job, you should be able to earn about $50,090.


There are several types of therapist jobs available for you to choose from. Whether you want to help mentally disturbed people or heal broken families, there is a therapy job out there for you. Check with your state and see the requirements needed for you to get started. For more career advice, click here.