Conducting a Job Search for People with Disabilities

Not known to many, there are several jobs out there for people with disabilities. So many people have found them and so can you.

Are you enthusiastic, energetic, and willing to step out of your comfort zone? In today’s world, if you believe in yourself and can demonstrate confidence before your employees, the sky is not even the limit for you.

Basic things make the most significant in the job world. Here are a few tips to take you through this journey.

People with Disabilities

Be Clear About Your Goals

Do not be too desperate to take any job available because you are disabled. That is selling yourself short. If you do not have any specific job opportunities, it’s better to find one before you begin your job search. Most employers are looking for people who are enthusiastic about a particular line of work, rather than those who are not.

As such, narrow down to the specific job you would like. Are you still undecided? Not to worry; point out particular skills you would like to develop; this will give you a direction to take.

Always Seek Help

Well, as they say, no man is an island. It’s next to impossible to look for a job in today’s economy successfully. By seeking help and advice from others, you might avoid some mistakes and quickly land a job.

Some agencies offer support and guidance to people with disabilities; reach out to them. You never know what impact they might create in your job search.


Volunteering offers a platform to showcase your skills and gain more experience in a given field of work. So many disabled people have gained skills that have taken them to another level and even landed them well-paying jobs.

Furthermore, by volunteering, you get to expand your network, who might work as references in the future. Also, instead of being idle at home, why not do some activities like volunteering?

Do Not Be Quick to Reveal Your Disability

Most employers tend to stereotype employees. As such, avoid disclosing your condition at the initial stages of your job search. There are cases where people have been judged to be incompetent before they even head to the interview room.

Most disability-employment counselors discourage mentioning your limitations within your resume.

However, in other cases, mentioning your disability might work for your good. Some companies encourage people with disabilities to apply to add diversity to their workplaces. As such, saying you have one might land you an interview. Also, if you require any special accommodations, remember to mention this during your interview.

Never Give Up

Push till you get what you want. Nothing ever comes easy in life. Even the most talented and most qualified people do hit rock bottom at times. If you have been getting rejections, don’t worry; another opportunity will present itself.

Perseverance is vital when looking for a job and having a positive attitude. Just tell yourself that the best is yet to come. It’s just a matter of time before you start seeing positive results.


There are several jobs for people with disabilities. You only need to look in the right place, have a specific career line you want, and the rest will fall into place. Start today, check online, and search for job openings near home. Send in your CV, and we wish you the best of luck.