Read This To Ace Panel Interviews

Interviews are challenging on their own, now imagine being interviewed by more than two people shooting questions from every corner. The bitter truth is, the norm of panel interviews has been adopted by many companies today. Panel interviews pose both advantages and drawbacks for you as the person being interviewed.

One advantage of panel interviews is that you have the opportunity to connect with more types of people. Sometimes potential employees and interviewers just don’t mesh well, and it can result in the applicant not getting the job. However, in panel interviews, there is likely to be at least one person with whom you can connect.

In contrast, panel interviews are often found to be quite overwhelming. Having multiple people evaluate you and ask questions at once can be a stressful position to be in. To ensure you pass that interview and get your dream job, here are tips to help you.

Dress Appropriately

In all interviews, first impressions matter. Panelists usually make an opinion about you the moment you enter the room. You will be judged according to what you are wearing. So, as you prepare for your interview, remember to choose the right outfit as well. However, do not overdo it with too much makeup and jewelry. Just be professional and straightforward.

Body Language

Though going for interviews might be scaring, try and not shake, blush, or stammer. This will show you as someone who is not confident enough and ready for the interview. To have a great body language, sit up straight and make excellent eye contact. You might have to practice with a few of your family members and ask them to tell you what your weaknesses are.

Connect With Every Panelist

You might feel under pressure, and that makes connecting with everyone on the panelist is even harder. However, it is important to try to divide your attention equally and keep eye contact with everyone talking. For instance, get to know their names and use them every time you are addressing them. Do not be shy to ask questions; it will help you better understand the company and its values.

Ask Questions

As mentioned above, do not fear to ask your interviewers questions. By asking questions, you get to know what kind of a company it is and if you will be a good fit. Interviews are a two-way street, and whether they tell you or not, they are expecting to answer questions at some point. Check online and research more on the kind of questions to ask and adapt them to suit your experience and position.

Thank Every Interviewer Personally

As your interview comes to an end, you will have to thank them for their time, ensure you do this personally. Mention each panelist’s name and thank them one by one. Shake their hands and maintain eye contact. If possible, get their business cards. If you want to leave a good impression, be sure to keep every panelist engaged throughout the interview.

Follow Up

After the interview is over, be sure to follow up with an email and thank the panelists for their time. Send each one of them with a personalized message. If you do not have their contacts, it’s okay to send a general “thank you” message.

Bottom Line

A panel interview is every employee’s worst nightmare, but it is not that hard if you are prepared and follow these tips. Just like everything else, preparation is very crucial if you want to ace your interviews. Otherwise, we wish you the best of luck.