How to Find Safety Technician Vacancies Near Home

Looking for work as a safety technician shouldn’t be stressful; there are thousands of companies offering this job opportunity, and all that is required is a plan and patience. You should have a clear view of the type and location you want the company to be when making the decision of which company to send your application to.

Discussed below are the guidelines and sites where you can seek employment as a safety technician.

How to Find Work Safety Technician Vacancies Near Home

Nature of Job

A safety technician job entails collecting data on the safety and health conditions of a workplace. They play a significant role in working closely with health and safety specialists to prevent harm from coming to the employees.

The duties of a safety technician include inspecting, testing, evaluating the workplace, collecting samples of potentially toxic materials, and working with occupational health safety specialists to correct various hazards. It’s also the work of a safety technician to educate workers across multiple safety measures to consider.

A safety technician must have the ability to use technology, be detail-oriented, and have excellent communication and problem-solving skills.

Average Job Rates

In the United States, the average pay for a safety technician is a yearly salary of around $43,000, though this can increase with experience and years with a company.

In the United Kingdom, the salary is around £64,816 yearly.

In Canada, a safety technician is paid between CA$69K per each year of work.

Australian safety technicians are paid around AU$77,611 yearly (AU$28.37/hour).

For South Africans, the salary per year is around R268,322.


Employers require a safety technician to have at least a high school diploma with complete physics, biology, mathematics, and chemistry courses. Some employers require an associate degree or certificate showing their qualification or knowledge in the associated codes and regulations.

How to Find Safety Technician Vacancies Near Home

Have a well-written resume. You can print one out or hire someone to write you a resume that will be ready in case any job arises.

Talk with a successful person in the safety technician field. You will have a clear insight about your job.

Visit job fairs and shows. You will have to talk to various people to understand more about the requirements and open positions in your area. Once there, you can drop your resume off at various companies’ tables.

Online websites are also providing online jobs in the same career, but only a few are legit. They include the ones below.

  • – It is among the popular sites providing job lists from numerous companies. It is possible to receive email alerts after saving your safety technician job preferences near the filtered location of your choice.
  • – It has incorporated thousands of companies, therefore creating a joint link with the employee. It provides job opportunities and the ability to select and filter jobs, which makes it one of the best websites for finding safety technician jobs.
  • – It provides you with a list of companies offering various job opportunities for safety technician jobs. You can filter your search by your desired location, too.

Government Sites & Programs

There are many government resources available in various countries to help you along on your job search. Refer to the below websites to narrow down on legitimate job options.

In the United States, you can easily search through available jobs with the website.

In the UK, individuals seeking safety technician positions can avail the government job search resources at

Canadians or Canada-based job seekers should refer to the job search resources at

Australians have the valuable resource available at for finding safety technician positions that are legitimate and well-paying.

And for positions in South Africa, visit


It should not be stressful to land the safety technician position you desire if you are following the provided guidelines and resources. You will be able to make more money near your home after considering the above advice. It is also essential to understand that a safety technician job involves removing hazards that might be facing the employees; hence, it’s in high demand for finding new workers and is popular among job-seekers.