Say No To Employees That Try To Do These Things

As a manager or superior people should respect you. Respect and business ethics are essential to ensure a business is running smoothly. When employees are on good terms with their superiors, they tend to contribute their maximum potential, unlike where they are not cooperating.

As a good leader, it’s your responsibility to listen to your employees. You should address all their grievances and treat them with respect and dignity. At times, there are some employees involved in misconduct and should be dealt with to ensure the business goals are achieved.

There are several types of misconduct employees can be involved in that require punishment. You can fire them or decide to demote them. Below is a well-explained list of things employees can do and leave you with choice but to say no to them.


Company Property Damage

Say no to any employee with anger issues. These employees are a danger to you and other staff members. When they are angry, they tend to break things such as printers or other office materials. Such employees are a burden and will cost you a fortune.

When hiring employees, ensure that you do extensive research to avoid such incidences. If an employee does cause damage to company property out of anger, they should be held responsible for the cost of repairs.

Drug Addicts

Say no to any employee who is under the influence of any drug. Drug addicts often have impaired judgment which can result in some unwanted actions that endanger other people’s lives. While hiring employees to ask for a medical report and a drug test.

Drug addicts also are not reliable since they will spend most of the time thinking about when and how they can fulfill their desires. Hire employees that are goal-oriented and devoted to giving their best to your company. When you realize you have an employee who comes to work drunk or under the influence of any drug do not provide them with room to destroy your company’s reputation.

Falsify Company Documents

Long term company problems can be a result of forged reports or documents. Some employees are irresponsible. These employees spend only minutes preparing reports and end up providing falsified information. Do away with any reckless employee who is not ready to follow set rules and company ethics.

Say no to staff members who try to forge information, whether it be personal or on your company reports. Such employees are likely to land you into trouble with the authorities which can even lead to company closure.

Steal From You

Thieves should never be entertained in any business. Such employees lead to significant losses when not dealt with early enough. Be keen to inspect your employee’s activities and when you realize things are missing and consult the responsible person.

Say no to any employee who tries to steal from you since they are likely to do it again. When you take action, you are setting an example for others. Therefore, it’s a solution to help you even in the future.

Compete With The company

Employees should be devoted and give their best to the good of your company. When any employee starts another business that competes with the company, they will have divided attention. Only allow employees who are ready to offer a full commitment as per their contract.

Say no to any staff member who tries to start another similar business to your company to increase competition. Such behaviors will entertain theft and destroys your company’s legacy.


Employees have a right to question you as their superior. However, there are proper ways they can share their concerns with you. Employees who try to use blackmail should not be kept in your business.

All staff should be polite and respectful. When they have concerns about the decisions or business proceedings, they should follow the right protocols to address their concern.



Ther common employee code of ethics that should be strictly followed. Employees who go against these codes should be punished. Say no to any employee that doesn’t respect authority or those who are not ready to give their best to the company.

As a leader, it’s your role to say no and address any employees if any of the above instances occur.