5 Low Cost Ways to Reward Your Employees

Whereas your hard work deserves that good salary, bonuses, and possibly even a promotion, giving your employees some rewards in between would go a long way.

In some organizations, the emphasis is put on giving employees non-cash rewards to motivate them and keep their morale up.

The question is, what are some of the low-cost ways management can reward their employees who have gone out of their way to deliver exceptionally? Let us find out.



It’s as simple as that. Sometimes, all an employee needs is to be recognized for the fact that they did a good job. This can be done either in staff meetings or board meetings to shine the spotlight on a particular employee who did an excellent job.

There are so many ways you can do this; you can call out that employee(s) in a meeting, let them know what did they did and how they performed, and assure them of how you appreciate and are so proud of them. It’s as simple as that. However, to maximize the effects, be sure to do it in front of other colleagues, in emails, or in newsletters.


Like they always say, time is money. When an employee performs well, allow them time off, like a few days, one week, or a few weeks to work from home. If your company does not offer flextime, consider including it as a way of rewarding your employees.

On a monthly or quarterly basis, check through your employee performance. If they have excelled, allow them to take time off to work from home as a way of saying, “Thank you.”

Offer Gifts

Yes, gifts have always made great rewards from time immemorial. However, it is essential to choose the right gifts and give them out at the right time, such as gift cards and shopping vouchers. Gifts make a difference, especially if it’s something that they like; as such, take time to know what your employees like. If you can’t figure that out, give them general gifts such as shopping vouchers.

If that employee likes drinking, offer them a bottle of wine. Do they like reading? Get them an excellent book to read. The more you get to know their likes and interests, the easier it becomes for you to get meaningful gifts to give them.


Who doesn’t like food anyway? Especially free food in the office. I guarantee you they will thank you for it. Also, once in a while, you can take your employees out for lunch or breakfast. It is an excellent way to motivate them and thank them for the job well done. This also allows you to tell them why they earned that treat.


Most employees like it when they get an opportunity to run away from the office. Take your staff out of the office and do some fun activities together. It doesn’t have to be an expensive place, but rather, somewhere more relaxed where you can let loose and work on corporate team-building, especially through group games. If you can afford to take them for a night or weekend away, they will feel appreciated.

You know your employees so well; you know their likes and dislikes. Do you remember the time you were rewarded, too, for a job well done? What was the reward? Do the same for your employees, and they will feel appreciated. For more career advice, click here.