What You Need To Become A Building Custodian

A building custodian refers to a person who takes care of a building or buildings at any given time of the day or night. Depending on the roles assigned, they can also double as janitors who are there to clean the place and ensure the premises are well kept.

A custodian might be asked to wax and wash floors, clean bathrooms, vacuum carpets, and so on. You may be required to make minor repairs. As such, you need background skills that will equip you to do the job well.

Repairs such as fixing bulbs, repairing broken pipes, doing minor painting, mowing the lawn, fixing leaky faucets, killing insects, and collecting, and also discarding, trash might all fall into your job description. You might be asked to collect rent or not, but you must always ensure all tenants follow the management rules and that the premises are running in order. The beauty of this kind of job is that you do not require any special education.


Training Requirements Needed To Become A Building Custodian

Most custodians work during the day when the tenants are there and need someone to attend to their issues. Some repairs, such as unclogging drains, might need immediate attention. As such, you must be available.

Others might work at night, but that depends on the management you work for. You will need to have floor-waxing machines, pliers, screwdrivers, and vacuum cleaners. You might work for schools, theatres, hospitals, office buildings, apartments, factories, and so on.

Whereas you might not need any educational background or certificates to start working as a building custodian, you might consider enrolling for short courses to learn simple tricks on how to fix appliances or perform repairs. Your employer might also ask for character references, as is the case with many jobs.

The beauty of this role is that you can learn on the job. So, you might consider starting small by doing basic cleaning and, later on, take on more complex duties after gaining more experience.

How To Get A Building Custodian Job

Landing such jobs is pretty straightforward. Consider applying directly in schools, apartments, theatres, office premises, or at different companies. You will often find custodian positions advertised online as well. Yes, there are advancement opportunities, and this means moving to a bigger company offering better pay.

If you have been doing this kind of work for quite some time, you might be promoted to the position of supervisor. This is especially likely if you are working in larger companies. Better still, you might consider starting your own cleaning company and offer the same services independently.

Expected Salary Of A Building Custodian

As of 2014, the median salary of custodians was around $23,400 per year, according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. Senior custodians earned up to $26,900 per year, and they got benefits, including paid vacations and sick leave, insurance coverage, pension, and so on. Custodians working for apartments were given free housing.

Other Tips For Working As A Building Custodian

It would be best if you are physically fit and can endure standing and working for long hours. If you feel you can’t work for long hours consisting of heavy lifting, walking, lifting, and bending, then you might want to consider a different profession.

You must be willing to commit to working during the hours set hours by the company you are working for. Some companies might need your services during the day, while others will want you to work at night or over the weekend.

Always remember that this is a job like any other, as such, dress the part. If you are not given a uniform, then be sure to adhere to the set dress code. If you are going for an interview, be professional. Just because you might wear work clothes on the job doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look nice for the initial meeting.


Bottom Line

If you are healthy and physically fit, then this is a job you might want to give a shot. The good news is you can either work full-time or half-time and still earn a decent pay. You need to be open-minded and also a people person to succeed in this profession.