How to Find Receptionist Job Vacancies Near Home

When looking for the best company to work with as a receptionist, it’s essential to have a plan and a clear view of what to expect in the field. In society, it is necessary to understand the key steps and guidelines to consider when looking for receptionist job vacancies near home. The below resources and guidelines will help you in your journey.

How to Find Receptionist Job Vacancies Near Home

Nature of Job

In any organization, the first person to greet you in the office is the receptionist, who plays a significant role in ensuring that clients are guided with directions or any other query. The critical functions of a receptionist involve welcoming clients, notifying other personnel of visitor arrivals, maintaining security, and operating the telecommunications systems.

A great receptionist can make a difference in the daily operations of the company. A receptionist should be hardworking, an excellent communicator, and also passionate enough to build good relations with the clients. Receptionists are the first impression of a company; therefore, they should treat others with respect and dignity.

Average Job Rates

In the United States, a receptionist’s average pay is around $13/hour, though this can increase with experience and company loyalty.

In the UK, the pay is around £7.84 per hour.

In Canada, receptionists are paid an average of  CA$16 per hour.

Australia’s average pay for a receptionist job is about AU$26.54 per hour.

A receptionist in South Africa earns approximately R32.47 per hour.


To get started working as a receptionist, it’s recommendable to have a high school diploma and office software operating skills. In modern society, there is an increase in technological growth; thus, the employer can keep training receptionists to manage advanced technologies.

It’s advantageous to have necessary customer service skills to aid with the communication, as well.

How to Find Receptionist Job Vacancies Near Home

To secure a position as a receptionist, it’s essential to consider the following steps.

Have a well-written resume ready to drop off with various employers. Dropping a resume will ensure that you have a wide range of consideration within the market.

Talk to someone in the same profession. Seeking advice from a person with extensive experience will boost your morale and give you a clear view of what to expect in the field.

Visit trade shows. Companies are looking for receptionists; therefore, you should be ready to visit various trade shows and leave a copy of your resume at employers’ tables.

Go online. In our society, many companies post their vacancies online; thus, it’s essential for you to upload a resume on job sites.

There are various sites where you can get receptionist jobs including the ones below.

  • Monster entails providing job lists provided by multiple companies. It is among the most trusted websites providing thousands of job opportunities from various companies. You can filter the ones near to your home.
  • Indeed has a list of jobs from big companies, newspapers NGOs, and career pages. There are RSS feeds provided through saving searches and receiving email alerts.
  • SimplyHired is among the friendliest sites providing job lists, organization information, and placement firms. There are filters to meet your interests and preferences, too.

Government Sites & Programs

To work within the government or find legit jobs posted by government resources, visit the following websites where you will send your resume or get notifications if any relevant job postings arise.

In the United States, visit the resources at

Individuals in the UK should visit for relevant job postings and resources.

In Canada, you can seek out job postings through the government with

In Australia, avail of the resources at

For South Africa resources, visit


Landing an ideal receptionist job is not as stressful when you make use of the above guidelines and resources. In due time, you can secure a position near home.