How to Find Commercial Assistant Job Vacancies Near Home

Getting a commercial assistant job requires determination and planning in advance, as well as having a clear picture of what to expect in the market. The outcome is worth the extensive job search, though, as the pay can be quite rewarding for providing your services to an employer.

A commercial assistant with extensive skills looking for a job should use the below guidelines and sites to find a job near home that meets his or her criteria.

How to Find Commercial Assistant Job Vacancies Near Home

Nature of Job

Commercial assistant employees are at the entry-level in an office, providing goods and services for sale. They are entrusted to perform various administrative roles and keep the day to day activities of the crony going forward as per the set plans.

The commercial assistant should be time conscious, hardworking, and a creative thinker to ensure continuous growth and development. The primary duty is assisting in gaining sales to earn the company or employer profit. It is an in-office job that requires great organization.

Average Job Rates

In the United States, a commercial assistant is paid an average of $16.45 per hour ($40,640 per year).

In the United Kingdom, the average salary for a commercial assistant is around £25,000 yearly.

In Canada, the salary runs up to CA$45,000 yearly.

In Australia, the average wage for a commercial assistant is AU$13,640 monthly ($29.37 per hour).

In South Africa, the average salary for a commercial assistant job is around R123, 980. Pay will vary with the type of company and goods and services provided. You may also have pay differences based on your experience.


Most employers require a commercial assistant to have a high school diploma, as well as some secretarial qualifications and the ability to be ready to work with computers. You’ll be dealing with different types of clients and requests; therefore, you should be a good listener and communicator.

How to Find Commercial Assistant Job Vacancies Near Home

There are various steps to consider if you want to secure commercial assistant jobs fast near home. It is essential to have a ready, updated resume to help you make a move from one office to the other. The resume must be well written.

Seek information about various companies. You should have a clear view of the type of company you want to work for; thus, you should seek information from multiple sources, including online through their websites.

Talk with a person with previous experience to understand the requirements of the companies and the job described.

In case companies are not advertising jobs, then you should consider visiting door to door in offices you’d like to work for, leaving your resume when you go so that they might consider you for future reference..

There are various popular online sites where you can easily seek job opportunities, such as the ones below. Each of these sites will let you filter your search by your desired location of work. – Indeed outlines multiple jobs from different companies. You are in luck, since Indeed supplies numerous job opportunities from different sources, including in the newspaper and career pages. – Monster has long been famous for its job search resources, but is coming into new competition these days. It aggregates job lists from various job boards, among other sources. It also provides background information about the company; therefore, it’s possible to filter and select the best company. – SimplyHired entails provisions of job lists and even placement firms. You have a clear view of the responsibilities and duties required from companies on this website. It is famous across the world.

Government Sites & Programs

If you want to work within the government, or if you want to utilize great government resources that will help you find legit commercial assistant jobs, search through the following sites to apply.

In the United States, it will behoove you to visit the resources at, where you can filter job openings by location and desired field of work.

Head to and click on the Find a job link to sift through position vacancies within the United Kingdom.

In Canada, you can search for relevant jobs by visiting and clicking on the Jobs link, then navigating to the link titled Find a job.

In Australia, it’s wise to make use of the offerings provided by the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business at

For South Africa job seekers, visit


Securing a commercial assistant job near home is not so stressful, since the above guidelines will enable you to obtain a job fast. Once you make use of the many free resources at your disposal, you will be able to practice in your career of choice.