How to Find Popular Jobs Near Home

Popular employment opportunities usually require minimal education requirements. A basic sense of customer service skills, computer literacy, and great communication are enough to fill positions in the retail and hospitality industries, which tend to be some of the most popular out there.

If you are looking for a job and want to consider the most popular jobs near you, this post will show you how.

Nature of Job

Some of the most popular jobs you can find near home include retail sales representative, office clerk, food service worker, material mover, and registered nurse. School teaching, accounting, and general managing are also categorized as popular professions.

Employees in these categories are deemed in-demand because most companies require staff that can generate sales, organize files, prepare supplies, multi-task in a fast-paced environment, and deal with customers in a professional manner. For nurses, accountants, and general managers, advanced educational requirements and practice licenses are  usually needed to deliver reliable service.

Average Job Rates

In some cases, popular jobs like the ones listed above receive pay that is around or just above minimum wage. Higher-paying jobs, like nurse jobs or managerial jobs, have pay that varies quite a bit. Below are some of the minimum wage amounts in different countries to give a condensed idea of common pay for popular jobs.

For a retail sales representative, office clerk, or service worker in the United States, the average wage is around $2,000 USD a month. Depending on the company, the monthly pay can go as high as $2,600 to $3,000 USD.

In the UK, the minimum wage for service workers is £7.70 per hour or £1,309 per month. The maximum wage per hour is around £8.21 or £1,576 a month.

Canada’s minimum wage for adult workers is at CA$11 per hour or CA$2,112 a month. For experienced workers, the salary can go as high as CA$15.20 per hour or CA$2,918 monthly.

Australia’s minimum wage for service workers is $18.93 or $3,634 monthly-$4,000 monthly.

In South Africa, the average pay is around R20 per hour or R3,500 per month.


To qualify as a service worker, a high school diploma or GED is needed to get into an entry-level position. In retail management and office clerk positions, a bachelor’s degree is often required, as well as communication and good computer skills. Healthcare professionals applying for a job need to have practice licenses as well as a relevant college degree and formal experience.

How to Find Popular Job Vacancies Near Home

In order to land a position in one of these popular career fields, having a professional resume is the key. Hence, it would be better to hire someone to create a presentable and detailed curriculum vitae. Using your resources and network, too, can be beneficial, since the referral process is common in different companies. You can also attend job fairs and employment events in order to submit your resume directly to a company member.

For online applications, make sure to create a LinkedIn account to widen your reach and meet more employers. Check out job listings and resources from some of the different online job websites listed below. With these sites, you can easily filter for jobs by entering your location.

  • Indeed – Indeed is an online job listing site that compiles career opportunities from local and international companies. Users can search for specific jobs and directly find out about company information, positions available, offered salaries, and the requirements to land a position. Indeed is a famous site, and it publishes around 9.8 listings per second. Common job positions available are in sales, healthcare, marketing, and more.
  • CareerBuilder – CareerBuilder is one of the biggest online job boards that allows users to look for jobs and use filters for specific locations, salary ranges, and job titles. This website has been around for about 20 years, so it is famous among employers and job hunters. Jobs available range from media, marketing, sales, education, and customer service.
  • Glassdoor – Job seekers can check out Glassdoor to look for career opportunities in many different industries like tech, creatives, sales, marketing, education, and healthcare. This website offers information about a company’s environment, talent acquisition processes, benefits, and salaries.

Government Sites & Programs

Aside from private companies, you can also look for government websites to see career listings available.

  • United States

In the United States, one of the most valuable government resources online is available at USAJobs. Create a profile on this website to get access to available job opportunities. Explore career paths in the military, national reserve, immigration, education, and more.

  • Australia

The Australian government provides a range of career opportunities for entry-level to managerial positions through Jobs Fair. Programs like community development, collaborative partnership on employment, and career transition assistance are available on this website.

  • UK

Check out the UK’s government employment listings to land a job in the armed forces, education, state departments, and more. Simply visit the website and navigate to the Find a job tab.

  • Canada

Find jobs in Canada’s federal government by creating a profile on Canada’s official government website Jobs page. You can choose which areas and career path you want, including security and defense or education. Or you can apply for the student work experience program.

  • South Africa 

Check out government vacancies posted on the official South African government site. Register an account to apply for jobs in the department of labor, defense, education, agriculture, or cooperative governance.


Job hunting is made easier with online applications and resources that find jobs near you. By following this guide, landing a position in your chosen industry is now easier and within your reach.