How to Find Part-Time Job Vacancies Near Home

Pursuing a part-time job alongside studying or juggling a full-time career can be challenging. However, the benefits of getting a part-time position in the field of your choice allow you to get more than just an additional paycheck. This also helps you manage your time well, multi-task, and gain more skills and experience.

If you are interested in finding a part-time job vacancy near you, here are some details you need to know.

Nature of Job

A part-time job is a type of contract or position that usually requires employees to fulfill fewer hours per week compared to a full-time position, which can go anywhere from 30 to 35 hours per week. Individuals who have a part-time position work in shifts together with other employees of the company. Normally, establishments who have available part-time positions are those who belong to retail and hospitality. However, there are other professions and industries that entertain part-time workers, as well.

When you work part-time, remember that you are doing the responsibilities that come with your desired position. For example, when you work in a retail establishment, you may be required to assist customers and do inventory. If you work in customer service, you may be on the phones all day.

Average Job Rates

The average job rate for a part-time position is around $13 per hour in the US, £8 per hour in the UK, CA$18.64 per hour in Canada, R20 per hour in South Africa, and AU$32.49 per hour in Australia.

Bear in mind that these job rates vary depending on which industry you work in, as well as how much experience you have.


Employers and establishments around the world typically have lenient eligibility requirements for applicants to standard part-time jobs. Individuals who are over the age of 14 may get a part-time job, meaning high school and college students can also work with this kind of contract.

While individuals with prior experience will be preferred for the position, applicants with no previous experience will still be considered, depending on the management. The respective industry will be responsible for giving proper training to equip people for their responsibilities. Requirements also differ based on the field or profession.

Individuals that apply for a part-time position need to have a flexible disposition, excellent time management skills, and must possess the ability to multitask.

How to Find Part-Time Job Vacancies Near Home

If you are interested in getting a part-time job near you, you must create a strong impression that will set you apart from your peers. One way to do this is by submitting a resume that details your experience and shows what you can do as an employee.

To widen your reach and see the various part-time jobs available in your area, you might want to create online profiles that allow you to send your resume virtually and connect with potential employers. Below are some job search platforms you can use.

CareerBuilder offers job seekers the chance to search for jobs based on their location, skill, industry, and much more. With more than 100 million jobs available, applicants can easily find one that suits their preferences. To filter jobs based on your location, simply enter your area code or city. Some of the available jobs listed include Customer Service Representative, Retail Sales Associate, and Certified Nurse Aide.

FlexJobs is the leading job search website that caters to part-time, freelance, and remote jobs. Just like CareerBuilder, you only need to input your preferred position and location to find part-time jobs near you. Some of the available positions include ESL Instructor, Youth Camp Assistant Director, and Payroll Specialist.

This website also allows you to look for part-time jobs within your area just by keying in your location. Monster helps you choose a part-time position based on your experience level and submit your resume via their platform. Some of the jobs you can find here include Nurse Practitioner, Local Transport Driver, and Speech Therapist.

Government Sites & Programs

For those requiring help and guidance from their government, you can take comfort in the fact that countries offer great resources to help you find a job of your choice.

For individuals in the US, you’ll be happy to know the USA Government offers CareerOneStop. This page offers access to career exploration, training, and jobs in the country.

The Government of Canada also offers a similar program through its Employment and Social Development page. Under this, you can find resources applicable to part-time jobs, such as directions on how to calculate your salary and where you can apply.

The Find a Job service provided by the UK’s Department for Work and Pensions also offers job seekers a chance to find part-time jobs in the industry they want. What’s great about this platform is that it allows you to filter job offers based on your skills and the city you want to work in.

The Australian Government puts forth its JobActive program intended for individuals looking to find work in a variety of sectors. Besides connecting you with different agencies, this resource links you to possible training and skill-building opportunities.

Lastly, the South African Government’s Finding a Job page offers numerous resources that can help applicants create a strong resume. This also offers guidelines in the workplace and avenues for job opportunities.


Part-time jobs near you can become more accessible with the help of these resources. With these in your arsenal, you can make your part-time job search a walk in the park.