How to Find Full-Time Job Vacancies Near Home

Individuals who intend to enter the workforce might want to look into the prospect of full-time jobs. Although full-time jobs require more dedication and time, they yield greater pay and the opportunity for benefits, as well. If you are searching for a full-time job, here’s what you need to know.

Nature of Job

Full-time jobs are those worked by employees for 35 or more hours per week. Usually, full-time work means a 40-hour workweek, often from 9am-5pm Monday through Friday. There are workplaces that only require employees to work 30 to 35 hours, and some have flexible work schedules. However, shorter workdays are regarded as “non-standard,” which means that such arrangements are considered as an advantage given to employees.

Employees with full-time contracts are also given benefits, including paid time off, health insurance, and retirement plans. Every industry hires full-time employees. As a full-time worker, your duties will vary depending on the role you are hired to fulfill.

Average Job Rates

Most full-time jobs are salaried. While your employer will determine how much you will be paid per salary period, here are some average national rates to give you an idea of what to expect.

The average annual salary for a full-time employee is $47,060 in the United States, GBP 36,611 in the United Kingdom, CAD 35,052 in Canada, AUD 82,436 in Australia, and ZAR 376,715 in South Africa.


For those interested in working a full-time job, keep in mind that almost all employers look at eligibility requirements. Just like the nature of the job, the requirements will vary based on the industry and position you are applying for. Most employers look for formal education and training, especially for high-level roles. Aside from educational background and certifications, you may be required to have or acquire skills pertinent to the position you are filling.

How to Find Full-Time Job Vacancies Near Home

When going on a job hunt, you need a well-written, yet simple, resume. Then, you can use this to create a professional online profile. To find a full-time job near you, here are some sites you might want to check out. These websites allow you to filter your search by location.

This site has 67 million distinct users worldwide. With 11 million job openings listed on this site, you can definitely find one that is near your home by using the platform’s search function and entering your preferred location. Some positions available on this site include Full-Time Store Associate, Community Engagement Specialist, and Universal Banker.

This job search website has around 9 job openings submitted every second. Because of this, you will have a variety of choices near you. Your choices include various job opportunities, from Librarian to Teacher’s Secretary, and many more.

This platform gets 7,900 job searches per minute. With such popularity, many employers post openings on the site. Some of your options include Wireless Specialist, Security Officer, and Medical Assistant.

Government Sites & Programs

To make sure that its citizens have sufficient help during their job hunt, some countries have career resource sites.

The US official government website has a Find a Job page for American job seekers. This offers information on where to find the right job, as well as how to avoid fraudulent postings.

For UK citizens, the Find a Job page on the Department of Works and Pensions offer a similar service. This lets seekers find vacancies they are qualified for. The site also offers resources on career-building and motivation.

Canadians can use their government’s Job Bank. It has a search feature that allows users to look for suitable jobs near them. This also has information on career matches and market prospects.

Australia’s Jobactive page helps their residents connect with employers near them. It also provides information on government positions, as well as resources on wages, training, and assistance.

South Africa’s job seekers can use the Finding a Job page on the South African Government website. It helps applicants create a resume, and it educates them about workplace laws, self-employment, and the agencies that can help them.


With this information and the valuable resources made available to the public, you can find the right full-time job for you. Just make sure to filter for your preferred location to find a position near you.