Must-Have Skills to Work in Retail

Working in retail goes beyond greeting clients or folding clothes. You are the face of your business, and if you do not get your act together, your business might end up collapsing. There are certain things expected of you from the minute your client steps in that door.

You are supposed to be helpful but not forceful, approachable, and of course, friendly. The customer will want to feel assisted and cared about.

If you are looking for a job in that retail store near you, be sure to have these top skills on your radar.


Communication Skills

Regardless of whether you are a store manager or sales assistant, you are supposed to be a great communicator. You should be able to explain all your products clearly to your customers. If there are any questions or complaints, you should be able to answer and offer solutions politely without getting offended. If you tend to get online, be sure to also converse with your clients over the phone clearly and respectfully.

Customer Care Skills

Apart from being a great communicator, you should also have excellent customer service skills. No customer wants to deal with a rude and arrogant attendant. Chances are they will not come back. Instead, try and engage your clients. A positive and friendly attitude towards your clients will keep them hooked.

When you are in a retail business, your goal should always be to change your client’s experience by giving them an unforgettable experience. As such, you should make it a point to help your clients overcome problems. This way, they can trust you and always come back to you in case they have any issues.

Selling Skills

You are there to sell, meaning you should be persuasive and have extensive knowledge of the products you are selling. If not, it might be hard for you to make sales. Selling skills include being an excellent communicator, listener, and also being persistent. Being able to sell products will give you a competitive edge over your competitors.

Multi-Tasking Skills

This is another essential skill you will need as you carry your business in the retail world. You should be able to handle more than one client at the same time without one feeling ignored. As you do this, also remember to keep the shop tidy. If you are working in a smaller shop, the chances are that it will be up to you to run the cashier department. As such, if you think you are a great multi-tasker, you are then a good fit for the retail role.

Physical Fitness

The truth is, this job is demanding. Have you ever entered a store and met someone so exhausted? They could have been tired from the long shifts. This work involves standing for long hours, talking with so many people, and carrying heavy boxes. As such, you need to be physically fit to withstand all this.


If you plan to work in retail, you need to be equipped with specific skills to succeed. Although most of these skills will be learned and mastered over time, to others, these come naturally. Having a combination of one or more of these skills will land you retail jobs and possibly prepare you for higher positions down the line.